👦 I sometimes feel like Dan - Crypto is a lonely world

in hive •  2 months ago 


Today I was reading on Twitter and I found a funny pic and I wanted to share it with the Hive community.

I sometimes feel like Dan, the crypto world is a lonely world. Almost any of my friends is aware and excited of what this innovation can really mean for humanity. It is sometimes frustrating to envision the future to come and feel so passionate about it. Or maybe it is just that I am wrong and it is all a bunch of speculation that will end up in nothing.


Anybody knows what will happen, I have lost an insane amount of hours researching this world and the more I understand it the more I realize this is one of the greatest technologies of human history.

I am really interested in individual sovereignty, freedom and prosperity. Cryptocurrencies were invented to empower individuals without the need of trusting third parties.

What an amazing times to be alive! Enjoy! 😊

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Hahaha! Good picture!