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Good morning/evening everybody

Happy Friday!!

The effect of COVID-19, will probably stay longer than we have expected. Keeping that in mind, almost all of our regular day to day activities have stopped or halted to a certain extent. As a result, we are seeing many changes in our life. Let me share what has happened to me in the last couple of months and how I think it will impact me in the next couple of months.

  • Staying at Home


Believe me or not, this lifestyle of working from home is wanted by many. Even at some point in my job life, I wanted this way of living. Now call that a coincidence or a tragic incident some wishes have been fulfilled in ways that would not have been possible under certain conditions. Bonding with loved and dear ones has become efficient and this hard time in our life has proven how much we were missing our family and dear ones. Time does not wait for anybody, keep that in mind!

  • Online Activities

People will always find excuses, to spend time online in different ways. The best outcome that came in a situation like COVID is, we saw how some people made/are making proper use of that time. I see many people are focusing more into the world of freelancing and they are trying very hard to make an impact in this particular sector. Which will probably make a huge impact in their daily life activities.

JOBS are a difficult sector in my country, if these online activities gets popular in the coming days, hundreds if not thousands of people will recover from the palm of being jobless in their life. So it is a big step for many people in this current situation.

  • Improving

What better way to make yourself useful and improve yourself when you have nothing but time in your hand. This situation where we are stuck with nothing but time in our hand, try to create a better version of yourself. I suppose you are working on that.

Nevertheless, this is a very hard time that we are going through. Many of us can not stay home as we have mouths to feed at the same time the virus is out there stopping us to live a straight life. As per the news many big pharmaceuticals are claiming to invent the antidote, even though they are in the standing phase but hopefully we will see a breakthrough sooner than later. Try to stay safe and be under your comfort zone and stay alive!!

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Nice post , personally i came back to blogging one month after the start of lockdown in my country and i have not for one day regretted it . I also started trading and started focusing on improving my life. Nice post

Ahh nice to know buddy. Honestly, this is indeed a nice opportunity for us all to make the use of time in a productive way. No wonder this is a difficult time but nice to see many people are really making it work in their favor.
All the best for your trading and stay safe!!

Thank you so much

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our current situation.