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Business or Job?

If someone asks me, which profession would I prefer between two of the above, my answer would be different depending on the situation of mine. Honestly, when life puts us in tough situations, it pushes us take decisions, which under normal circumstances would have been a lot different. Yet, whatever we go through good/bad it is a lesson for us!

Coming back to the question, if it was asked to me few years back, I would have chosen JOB over business. As there are various reasons why I would have preferred that. Not only that but it would have been my only option as a matter of fact. As when I started my job life, it was more like a practical task at hand than mere need of money. But the fact of money have kind of made me realize, how tough it actually is to earn money. The realization of wasting money came into my grasp at a very early stage. For that I am actually glad but needless to say staying honest was always the first priority. No matter what the cost was. CORRUPTION is a disease, which is quite hard to get away from. Which is why, slowly things started to change for me! Now, it is a completely new journey for myself.

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Nevertheless, JOBs are a very important part of our life. No matter what you do, a sustainable income source give an assurance to live by. But sometimes when things (like boss, environment) does not suits the job that you are doing, those moments becomes a real pain. At the end of the day there are very less number of people who actually loves their job. Lucky are those, who gets to do, what they actually like/love in their life!


Nowadays, it feels like everything is a hassle. May that it be business or a job. Why can't we be free and do what we like? Unfortunately, LIFE is much more complicated than we think. We do, what we have to do. When it comes to business there are lots of restrictions, especially in countries like ours. Where you will have to go through a series of events which automatically demoralizes the passion of starting a business. But even if you start it there comes the time when you have to think a lot deeper than usual to run and make that business a successful one. It becomes difficult when you have no experience of it and this is your only chance of making things right. But what I have witnessed (in my small experience) without a back up (it maybe financially/support from closed ones) it is difficult to make a business reach that point of what it actually deserves to be at! I may be wrong but this is what I actually think like!

I have to say being an entrepreneur is probably the most easiest passion to follow. But making it come to reality is the most difficult task that one can ever dream of!

Business= Money, Savings, Guideline, Passion, willpower, Loss/Profit and thousands of other things to think about.

Which one do you prefer?


I am doing job, and I am satisfied with the one I am in now. But it has some limitations, I can't earn more than a certain amount. Obviously, if I compromise my morality, there are indeed chances.

I think, in business, there are chances of earning more than a job, if one can handle it in a proper way. There are a good number of businesses which can be done without compromising honesty or morality.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying what you do.

Ethical issue is not a factor unless you make yourself compromised. All for money? I am much better than that and I believe so are we as well. There will always be a way, we just need to find it.

Yep, there are ways (business) which can eventually make our life worth it.

Thanks for sharing brother

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