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RE: Summers at the Lake

in OCD5 months ago

How lovely to have the opportunity to visit the lake. Your son seems to be enjoying himself. You captured the lake beautifully.


Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate the comment.

Our son was having so much fun, it's all he's been talking about since we left. Makes my wife and I really happy that he can have something so positive in his life besides us. These are the things you look back on when you get older with very fond memories. I know I loved when I was a kid and visiting a big lake a few hours away every summer for 3 years was fantastic. It teaches you a lot!

Have you been able to do something like that in your life or for your kids if you have any? Even visiting one routinely is awesome!

I live on an Island @cmplxty and the ocean is only 15 min. away. My sister has a cottage and my hubby and I usually visit a couple times in the summer. It’s a afair distance from here so we don’t go that often but it’s a lovely lake.

I’m happy your son is having a wonderful time at the lake. 😊🎣

Ah that’s awesome living on an island! That’s one of the things we hope to do sometime in our lives. It’s so nice having the beach right there and for me being able to do some fishing without having to travel far. It’s nice that your brother comes to visit, I definitely would if my sister lived on an island!