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Firstly, I feel overwhelmed to discover this amazing community of @threespeak, I was just randomly scrolling the news feed and I found it. I was very happy to see people sharing their opinions on various subjects without any hesitation like a free bird flying high above the free clouds. 3speak is respecting a users opinion and I am more than to be a part of 3speak community. Thanks to Hive and thanks to 3speak community.

A short introduction to me:

I am razeiv (Razeiv Thapa) from Northeast, India, belonged to a small town called Umrongso. I am a teacher by profession and an occasional writer who loves to scream during a Liverpool FC encounter :D.

So on my first video vlog on 3speak, what would be the best debut for me than speaking on freedom of speech, an initiative started out by @theycallmedan .. thanks to him.

Freedom of speech for me means giving out the complete power to its users to give their opinion on any matter be it politics, informative, economic etc. Freedom of speech for me means 3speak. I don't think there can be any other alternative word in the blockchain industry than calling freedom of speech as 3speak.

Thanks for watching!

Meet you guys in my next vlog :)

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