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Yesterday, I thought I'd try something I haven't done in a long time.

While in primary school (Elementary), we had this practical class where we were asked to come with the following materials

  • starch
  • Old newspapers
  • Plates or Cups.

The English name we were told the practical was called Moulding. At the the end of the practical we had replica of the plates or cups we brought to school made of paper.

Just not usable.

Then in Secondary (College), we started another form of moulding, but with Clay sand because it was sticky and would last stronger when dried. My objects used to be funny looking, I dared not try moulding a human else I'll be teased the whole semester. I stuck to making Cups, African pounding mortar, chairs and tables (they were still funny looking).

As we advanced in class and concern for superiority became the rave for some people, I was bullied in school and on one of those days my pile of funny looking creative collections were broken. So I took it as a challenge and went to learn sculpturing.

Everyday after school I'd stop by a sculptor's shade and watch him create something out of mere sand and cement. I was paying with the feeding money given to me by my mum, my parents weren't even aware I had taken extra lessons. Maybe, if they had known they would have supported me.

Who knows.

However, I never wanted to become a sculptor. I just wanted to prove a point.

And I did.
Well like they say "...the rest is history. " I wasn't so bullied anymore, I mean I had the best art collections that year. Why I dropped that craft, I know not but it was fun while it lasted.

Yesterday after 20years, I thought I'd try my hands sculpting again.

Today I'm sculpting the upper part of a male homosapien (Head). A bust if I may call it so.

My tools were simple

  • A spoon
  • Handful of cement
  • Clay sand
  • A board
  • Water


  1. Choose the texture of sand you want to use, how you want the finished object to feel like.

  2. Measure a sizeable amount of cement, just enough to make it solidly strong. That way it lasts longer and saves you the stress of furnace burning.IMG_20200703_142939_8.jpg

  3. Mix both sand and cement together and the add little water and mix well.

  4. Make a sphere shape, doesn't need to be perfectly spherical. We'll get it into shape later.
    One characteristic of art is its fluidity. Not like banking or accounting where 1+1 must equal 2,in art we could start from point A aiming Point B but ending hitting L,M,N before coming back to B.
    Art has no formula.

  5. Using the thumb and index fingers(preferably) punch in the eye sockets and carve out its nose. Again it doesn't have to perfect at your first try, practice makes perfect, with time you'll get better

  6. Next use the spoon to carve out under the shaped nose and chisel out the neck area. Try not to make it too slip, the neck would act also like the base for your craft.

  7. From the chiseled out mortar(sand and cement) mould its ears, not to protruding just enough to get its own attention.

  8. Next use the spoon to chisel out its eye lips

  9. And his Hairline.

  10. I added a chunk of mortar to it's head to form the hair.

  11. Another chuck to get the eye lashes.



Let's see what your sculpture looks like


Thank you for reading.
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Lolzzz...I can really still recall those school days we do things like this. Well, finally bro, you did it😅 No harm in trying.

At all... I didn't even think it'll come out this well, I thought it'd be a disaster. Like you said, no harm in trying.

Thanks bro.

Nice sculpture and nicely documented. I have worked with alot of cement in my work and just wanted to say that it is not too good for the hands. It can hurt your skin, so wearing gloves is a good idea.

Very true... Well I just thought to try it out again, its been years since I did this. I'll definitely make use of this advice.

Thanks for stopping by.

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What a nice piece of art, and that mister looks very friendly! I see a lot of kids playing with clay but you are very good at it, nice blog topic, and great photo recap,
Have a great sunday

INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS RESEARVED In your footer maybe needs to be “reserved”

Oops!!! I don't know how I missed that. Thank you for drawing my attention to it. I fixed it already.

Amazing work! Loved the step by step photos! :)

Thank you sir...