freeform mushrooms (photo52)

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my entry to '52 weeks' contest by @wwwiebe

( the initial post & rules , all 52 prompts, this week entry )

Week's prompt was: 'Freeform', i.e. no special concerned subject. I decided to use some of my mushroom photo -- guess why? cause they are pretty much freeform themselves, too!

Also -- today is Monday, so my post also goes for #mushroommonday by @balticbadger. Double shot? Mmm... actually, it is even a triple shot. I will show you some amazing shapes (did I say shapes?... haha, they are shapeless!) Ok, I will show you some amazing nature creatures that dont look like a typical mushrooms you can buy at the local store and put into your soupy. It is also my entry to this week round of #AmazingNature contest by @adalger.

On the 1st one you see the snail inspecting sponge mushroom Peziza vesiculosa (Пецица пузырчатая in Russian). Look at its shape -- really a freeform! Every other edition is unique, tho all are shaped in a form of a cup.


...well, more or less. You could not drink much from such a cup, do you?


This is Bondarzewia berkeleyi, or Berkeley's polypore (identified by @sketch.and.jam; for more details in Russian, google by its name Бондарцевия) -- a stump blossoms, parasit mushroom, with no medicinal qualities, absolutely useless -- but it has such a marvelous look! I dug it out in the forest and put in the ground at my place under the spruce -- to take more pics using a good light, and also to appreciate its amazing outlook. To me it looks like some crazy conditer colorized some dough into different colours, than started a project -- and unfinished it half a way xD


A very little baby tree fungus.


It is as formless, as a melted piece of ice-cream. When they grow up, the shapes becomes more distinctive, you've seen them a lot of times, I am sure, but rarely you see the very start of a new tree mushroom.


A more matured edition of same mushroom from another tree. All of them grow at my little countryside place (which is not a garden -- there is sufficient number of trees, birches, sprouts, pines, oaks, so theres a basis for mushrooms micellium to develop).

As a bonus, one more shapeless wood mushroom. And it is not the morning dew on his cheeks -- he is really crying! (Probably of all the ugly things mankind did to the Mother Earth).


location: Russian countryside date: june 2020 ---
camera/lens: Canon 350D Tamron 60mm raw-conv

Thanks for stopping by!


Different mushrooms.

yes, Cap!

So many cool shapes! Great shots, @qwerrie. 😁

indeed! that was my point, exactly :=)

The last one looks like a cinnabar polypore with its nice orange color. You get any macros of the guttation?

hm, and what 'guttation' is? 8-)

Guttation is the droplet formation process when the mushroom gets rid of extra water.

a-a! good to know the exact term (seems google is not in the know). yes, I am taking permanently photos of the guttated fungies recently, as I have the certain mushrooms right at my hands.

mushrooms without this shape are great. They look aesthetic. congratulations. successful photos. I'm new to the site. it will be nice to follow you

hi! well, it is up to you to follow me, I am not among the best photographers at the Hive. but why not? 8-) if you are into macro photography, I can name a few names better than me.

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Those are definitely some fantastic shapes. Mushrooms do come in all shapes, don't they?

When I was young I was always afraid of even touching a wild mushroom for fear of being poisoned. Of course, now I know it doesn't quite work that way, but the mind of a child is very imaginative. Now I'm just more concerned that something would have pee'd on it! 😂

When I was young I was always afraid of even touching a wild mushroom for fear of being poisoned.

OMG! what a confession... idk what to comment for this :))))

look what my babygirl have touched today (and she did it with entusiasm... and for a pretty long time, since this wasp wasnt flying away and didnt attacked her any way)


mind of a child is very imaginative.

so true!

someone would have pee'd on it!

this is not the question, BUT. mushrooms definitely ABSORB anything that was provided to the soil they are growing it, was it a somebody's pee, or dog's goo, or toxic metal ions from cars or industry. thats why better pickup mushrooms outside of town, in the wild nature -- chances that soil have got SOMETHING there, are pretty low.

ok, happy you enjoyed my visuals this week.
and I'm also happy that I overcame so successfully a problem of FreeForm choice - which is a painful problem, when the options number is limitless :))


Right! Mushroom is a good choice for freeform! 😍 I so love the firdt picture with the snail. I have to take second look to see that I really see a snail! Hahaha! It camouflage with the mushroom! 😂

Thank you for sharing this with us! ❤

ha, snails are masters of camouflage? thats a fresh idea )))
at least I distinguish them from the background very well xD

glad that you enjoyed the pic, @gingbabida

Yes, I did enjoy. When I saw these photos I remembered the mushrooms in our garden. It's also orange like yours but a different kind. I haven't seen something like this before too.


I have to search about its name. Hahaha! 😊