It's my Birthday!!! And I received my very first gift from Hiveians!!

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Hello everybody !!!! SURPRISE!!! Today it's my BIRTHDAY!! I am now officially 32!! (although in the photo taken I was 30 xD)

And I am very glad and grateful to be here and share with you my gift from you!!

But first let me show you my 13 days progress since I signed in and then I will reveal the gift you gave me!!


First, I would like to mention that I owe gratitude to my brother @dikayskate and his fellow skater @knowhow92 from SkateHive Community that encouraged me to sign up to HIVE since I am totally inexperienced to this kind of platforms!

Moreover, as I began to write articles and I was keeping on and on, suddenly a comment appeared in my post and I earned my very first award from DIYHub community on HIVE through @tibfox!!


Furthermore, I found new communities that embraced me and it is Alien Art Hive Community and I received the highest amount of Hive so far, and that is 21.04 !! Thank you @juliakponsford for your kind advice!


Also, I created a post in Needleworkmonday Community on Monday and it was really succesfull not only for the upvoting (13.37) but also because I had been placed in the spotlight of the week!! A special thank you to @marblely and @muscara for your kind comments!!


And the moment you all have been waiting is HERE!!!! From today thanks to all of you, I have a VOTE that can give a small amount of HIVE!!!! No matter how small I am, no matter how weak it seems, I can officially give my HIVE penny to you!!!


I know I have lots of things to learn and many more things to share, and many more people to engage but I am really grateful from my start here!!!

32 it is, people!!! It's official!!!

P.S. Not to forget to mention the other communities I have written an article, and I have learnt a lot, such as GEMS, OCD, OnChainArt, DTube, Sketchbook. Still many things to learn and do!!


Happy Bday!!!
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Happy birthday and thank you for the mention. I was more than happy to help.
Keep up the awesome art work @puellacreativa 💥🌅💯

happy birthday, my friend. I am sorry to congratulate you on the delay. 🎂 🎊 🎉 🌼🌼

Thank you very much!! I am still 32!! Hehe!! Nice to meet you!!

Youre too young. I have the best wishes for you.

Thank you very much!!!

It's great when we grow through our own work and others see and appreciate it.

But please use the "needleworkmonday" tag only on Mondays, for other days there is the "needlework" tag. For posts like this, you can use "# needleworkmonday" in the text :)

written by @muscara

Oh, yes!! I totally forgot that, probably because I was so happy that Day!! Thank you for reminding me that, so many things to learn!!