Trip to Portugal - Couce #1

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Today I did a walk and run that lasted around 3 hours. I can say that at the moment I'm very tired, however it was really worth the effort I made. In addition to the physical exercise I also started to discover a new place in these montains that I will later divulge in this series.




Today it was 32ºC/89.6℉, very hot !! On the mountain, it doesn't happen to be so hot if you are also near a river. In this case, Couce has the Ferreira River which cools the area well.




During the walk I found groups of people camping, with music, food and their children refreshing in the river. A good place to spend the weekend outside the city.




In the photos you can see that the path has a lot of shadows, that's why I put up with the walk with 32ºC/89.6℉, I only advise if you take a walk here with these temperatures taking water with you. Halfway through I started to be thirsty. As it was a 3 hours walk, I should have taken water, the next one I won't forget.




During this journey I found two fruits that I could pick up if they were ripe. The first was figs but I didn't take the picture of the tree, the second was the grapes as you can see they are still very green.


In the next post I write more about this journey to Couce.


Visit Portugal & Stay Safe
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Hug from PORTUGAL!
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Bom dia!

A three hour hike in heat, without water?!

Luckily for me, I'm always thirsty, so I'd never forget to bring water. I would probably bring a liter and a half on a trip like that. Did you at least splash some ( river ) water in your face?

Beautiful pictures!

Um abraço,


p.s. Today, on a morning walk - before the heat of the day - I picked some blackberries ( amoras - had to look that word up ). Awesome to see that they're already ripe and there's plenty of them around here.

Hi my friend,
Yes it was a mistake to have gone without water for this walk. I thought it would take less time.
Yes, in the river I refreshed myself a little.
It is so good along the way to pick some fruits and eat.
Do you live in Portugal now or are you on vacation?
Hug from Porto 😀

Yes it was a mistake to have gone without water for this walk. I thought it would take less time.
Yes, in the river I refreshed myself a little.


It is so good along the way to pick some fruits and eat.

It sure is!

I have been living in Portugal since September 2018, arrived here in March 2018, took me half a year to find a house. But... in the last two years, I have spent almost a year - in total - in The Netherlands.

Eu falou portugués, mas escriver em portugués e otra coisa ;<)

Bye for now!

I am happy to have stumbled upon your blog via twitter. This is absolutely charming. Fruit picking during walks makes it more fun.

Hi @discoveringarni 😀
Thank you very much for your words. Yes, walking and eating natural fruits along the way is amazing experience. I increasingly like to walk through nature!!🌲
Hug from Portugal 🇵🇹 🙏

More hikes in nature to you, I just saw you posted a recent one so I'm off to check that one. Cheers!

Thank you for your interest in my posts.😃

Such beautiful countryside @portugalcoin and my grapes are a bit behind those, but they are growing. They have to deal with salty windy New England air, so it's understandable.

What beautiful country!

Hi @donnadavisart 😃
Thank you for your words. How good it is to have grapes at home. When they are good, just harvest and taste. I hope your grapes grow fast.
Hug from Portugal 🇵🇹 🙏

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What a nice and quiet trail.

yes, it is quite calm. thanks for your comment.
Hug from Portugal 😀

Hi! Thanks for comment and thanks my Twitter follow!👏
Is the grape from the farm? Or is it in nature?
I saw a photo of your beach! There are very few people now and the sea looks even more beautiful!😉

Hi @ryo-6414 😀
These grapes are halfway to the place you wanted to reach. It must be someone who just goes over the path giving the opportunity if someone wants to eat just remove.
Yes, the beaches are a little more empty because it was on a weekday, at the weekend there are many more people.
Hug from Portugal 🇵🇹

Wow great!👍
I can imagine that the grapes eaten in the beautiful mountains are definitely delicious!
Thank you for telling me!😊