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RE: Coronavirus shuts down my world – how is yours?

in OCD10 months ago

I'm sorry to hear these crisis is having such an effect on you! You do seem pretty resilient and adaptive for weathering this storm!
I do value our friendship here and enjoy reading and watching your posts.
Will you still have internet connection?
Do take care and we will see you once the storm passes or perhaps some bits before that!
They shut down the schools whee I work part time but we keep our salary and are said to be working from home , on call. So I am happy to be at home tending my indoor garden, writing and waiting for spring!


Hey many thanks for your kind words @porters, personally I'm healthy and well fed this month. But no money left or coming in from work. I'm aiming to sell some of my steem, though will wait until the Hive airdrop tomorrow. The world is imploding under the virus and my steem savings are being manipulated by the new regime.
I use a free wifi hotspot for internet, otherwise I would never have it.
Tomorrow and the day after - 21 March Equinox - could usher in a whole new world for Steem holders and Steemit bloggers like us.