"My 2020: Just a normal day: (A simple unpopular & deflecting point of view)

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The rules to participate are as follows:

1.- Make an original post describing how a normal day in your life goes by. You can make a video, come up with a gallery, you can describe every step of your day... whatever you can think of to show everyone how is a normal day in your hometown. Remember, the more graphic and visual is your post, the more chances it has of winning.
2.-Share that post on Twitter following the #POSH rules, include a brief description of what the post is about on the Tweet. You can check the requirements here.
3.- You have to Resteem this post (Let´s get to more Steemians! I want to know how is a normal day all over the world, don't you?)
4.- Please use the tags #posh & #hive-174578 and any other tags you want to use.

The entry must be submitted before Wednesday the 29th and the winners will be announced a few days later, depending on the judges....

¡Holy Moly! Oh my!!

Don't feed the monkeys

Ahem, ahem... cough cough.

Honestly, I wasn't going to say anything on this subject. Since it's just a thang of each one own business to choose participate or not in these sorts of collective public contests. Perhaps, I should have just dropped a simple comment in his post as I had initially thought and move on. But as you can see right now, I couldn't help but elaborate a whole post about it.

I don't have the slightest intention of raining on anyone's parade. And I am well aware that this article will not be popular in the least. On the contrary, it probably will accentuate even more the animosity against me from the usual big honchos and wealthy 'curators' of the steem blockchain.

For the simple fact of trying to stop you for a moment and make you think a little more thoroughly about the possible implications and repercussions of participating in a contest like this and as required by its intrusive voyeuristic rules.

«-Gamifying Voyeurism-»

"An intriguing game behind an eye-catching title"

I dunno. I am really not so sure. But I have the slight suspicion that my current mood. Somewhat bleak at this moment. Once I read that post and its rules. It caused in me this not so positive and little effusive reaction toward the contest and prevented me from keeping my mouth shut and keeping myself out of emit an opinion on the subject. I simply found this contest highly manipulative, awkward and blatantly exploitative.

Exploitative of people's needs. That's it. Maybe because right now, for varied and multiple reasons, I am one of those people with such needs.

And probably apart from that evident reality, maybe also a series of old B/W Brazilian movies that I have been watching lately, this probably has also influenced in some way my current somber mood as for how I have perceived this contest and its rules as not as welcome.

However, I'm well aware that I could have just focused and concentrated my attention exclusively on simply writing an endemic fake story that was not honest, authentic or real with the sole purpose of obtaining a few of those random greasy upvotes and if anything, maybe also one of the first three prizes of the contest. But you know pretty well that I'm not like that.

I apologize beforehand with everyone who will read this post and in all their right won't agree with me in my intimate, and I hope that for now, transient and oddly reaction and perceptions. Not always I feel this way.

And it is certainly possible that it is just me. That in my particular case I do not feel that at this moment I have anything as cheerful and positive to reveal and share with the chance to win a contest prize like this or some random fat upvotes. What makes me a bit more cautious and reluctant to sprinkle personal details so fast and haphazardly about 'my normal days'.

Although regardless, I'm afraid that by some adverse circumstances which are surrounding my closest reality right now. And that I feel these will not improve any time soon. I can't promise not to commit these same mistakes and recklessness one more time again. It is all openly hangin' in the ropes.

Because in fact, my only true intention at writing this 'entry'. Has been solely to invite you to think twice before jumping so quick & happily into the bandwagon of these sort of contests without considering beforehand the potential adverse consequences if you don't care and check first what you inadvertently and without cautious measures you could reveal.

Therefore, all in all, my apologies. In this case, I believe I indeed just needed to let off steam.

So, as for what is relevant and matters for this contest. I guess it is simply "Just a normal day" of what roughly has happened so far in my 2020.

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf



Just another normal pink gandalf greasy day.

Wish you have success my pana. 🤓

Thank you my esteemed Mago Puki. :)

I'm well aware of your current battles and I know you are a brave survivor too. Maybe we should resume the intention to establish contact and try to materialize that conversation we have pending from long time ago.

Who knows? there is always the remote possibility that by joining forces in sync together, we could devise a way to get that success for both simultaneously.


Well isn't a bad idea, i am just keeping fighting this ugly battle.

Just keep contact by discord, i think i give you my number, so let's plain something, but keep on mind that i depend of my cellphone, because my pc die 2 weeks ago.

let's think and make Bro! 👍

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