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Gooood, sunny day Hivers.

Playfulfoodie migraine

My weekend has been sucky, as expected. I did manage to avoid a migraine on friday though, so I had a nice day with mum! I started getting a ghost of a headache in the morning, so I prepared for battle right away. Had breakfast with coconut yoghurt, various grains, seeds, nuts and berries, mixed with raw cacao and maca powder. After that, I took a multivitamin and a light painkiller and a little later, I took a small can of energy drink to drink from 9 to 11.

All of those things combined helped to avoid a full-blown migraine. I'm not sure what exactly is the problem with migraines and hormone induced migraines, but they say you need to grab that painkiller right at the very start to have any chance of success. They also say it might be a vitamin or mineral deficiency, like B vitamins, or magnesium, or iron during periods. Or even an omega fats deficiency. And then there's also the caffeine which I have noticed can help me out quite a bit (but I hate coffee, hence the energy drink). So yeah, the full blown assault tactic worked to avoid, or well, postpone.

Saturday, I took it easy, although not easy enough I guess. I was on the pc too much in the morning. A ghost of a headache started again, but this time I didn't go full-blown assault, so... migraine, yay! I've lived most of this weekend with sunglasses on inside. Feel like such a jackass, looking like that, but oh well, they help. And then ofcourse there were the stupid church bells on sunday morning. Happy I have a noise cancelling headphone for those. Why do we even still have those bells anyway? Not like we don't all have watches or clocks or phones or whatever. I really don't mind people going to church and all, but ugh, why announce it with so much noise? I don't bother anyone with my not going to church either.

Aaaanyway! Look!

Strawberries Playfulfoodie

That was my second harvest (I ate the first before taking pictures). My third harvest this morning was five strawberries and I think by tomorrow, I can add some red berries to the mix aswell. I'm a happy girl!

After a good rest this night, my migraine left this morning. There's still the small stinging on one side of the head now and then, so I'll have to take it easy again and remember the sunglasses. Hope I've gone through the worst of it now!

As you might have imagined, I haven't been gaming much this weekend. Hopped onto Guild Wars 2 for a little while, but that wasn't smart. Being too stupid and bored to take a real rest, I bingewatched the last of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Happy to be done with it though, so I can move onto other shows. Not sure which one yet... I started this morning on the new version of Mac Gyver on Amazon Prime, but I'm not sure it's my thing yet. I never watched the old version, so that might help. No expectations.

Playfulfoodie lunch

I'm experimenting with lunch lately. My go-to topping was cheese, but wanting to avoid that now, I need something new. The guacamole I tried was too spicy, although the lettuce and tomatoes helped cool it off a little. I'm now onto hummus with sundried tomatoes flavour. It is pretty yummy! I top this with veggies aswell, just to get more veggies in my system, but it works well solo too. Ordered some other things to try aswell, which are arriving with my grocery order tomorrow. Like a herbal/garlic butter with oat milk. Happy to find out there are so many alternatives without having to resort to sugary toppings!

Well, I'm going to be a moron now and play a little bit of Guild Wars 2, hoping my headache won't return. I'll only have an hour max until lunch, so that might be a good buffer!

Have a good day!

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I know the feeling all too well, I don’t get them often but when I do I am crippled I can’t do anything but hope it goes away

Sad to hear that @chekohler! They really suck.