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Good morning Hivers.


I'm sitting here, enjoying my tea and looking out of the window. I'm looking at the two doves in our tree. They like this tree, visit it a lot. I can see the attraction. They started nesting there a while ago, but never did take up residence. I understand, I've seen cats climb in there with no problem at all. Terror cat chased another cat up there some time ago. I say 'terror cat' exactly because of that incident. It chased a cat up in the tree and was right about to hop in there itself, when I took pitty on the other cat and distracted terror cat. So the other cat quickly jumped out and terror cat proceeded to chase it all the way across the neighbourhood. Poor cat.

The doves are cooing at each other. I wonder what they're saying. Whatever it is, they're saying it loud.

We had doves in our previous area aswell. Those were the bigger kind. The clumsier kind. Boy did they make a lot of noise when crashing through the trees. These smaller ones are a little more discreet and cute. And always together! So sweet.

Sunrise flowers Playfulfoodie

Anyway, good morning!

This feels like a lazy week, although I started it off by cleaning most of the house. It was needed. Boy was it needed. I'm not much of a cleaner. I get annoyed by mess in my kitchen though. The dirty stuff piles up while we should just put it all in the dishwasher right away. This goes on until I'm annoyed enough to clear it all out, or I ask hubby to do it, who then says he'll do it, but waits until the end of the evening, while I want it gone now. So I do it myself, or bug him into hurrying up. I'm sure this sounds familiar to many.

There's mosquito nets to be hung, so I'll probably pick that up soon aswell. And groceries ofcourse. But hey, I don't have to do anything... I don't think so atleast.

Next weekend will be filled with tiredness and migraine, so I'll make sure I've got everything I want to do done before that. Buy some food hubby can make. It'll be a lazy weekend!

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I really don't know where I'm going with this.

I figured I'd just start writing. Things would come to me. They did, although I'm pretty sure it's boring to read. Sorry! There have been many game posts from me lately and I wanted to mix it up. Game posts come easy to me, but I don't want to be a one-hit wonder. So I write blogs inbetween. Good ones and bad ones. I think this one will lean more towards the bad side!

I still want to write down some recipes. Took some pictures, but I haven't really had the patience to sit down and write the actual text. It'll happen eventually.

I think I'll do some gaming today. Surprise! I didn't yesterday. I wrote two posts for my backlog, they just rolled right off of my... keyboard. I then just poked around on Hive and read some news articles. They have a comment section underneath these articles. If you want to lose hope in all of humanity, you definitely need to read those comments. I always fall for it. I don't know why I do this to myself.

I also want to do another game giveaway, although the last one did not work out. Maybe no one likes Tekken... I could understand that! But I want to stick to one post a day, so I'll do the giveaway thing later.

Wow, I thought I would have more to say than this! Does this read like the ramblings of an uninspired person? I feel like it does. I think the title is the best thing about this entire post! I should just call it quits and throw some of my pictures in between these words, so you'll atleast have something nice to look at. Let's hope for a more inspired post soon!

Have a good day Hivers!

P.S.: The pictures in this post are mine and not to be used anywhere else.

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