Work hard, play hard


When I was a child we lived in a small flat. I was sharing my room with my younger brother and sister and my parents slept on a big sofa in the living room. I have always loved animals but there was no place in the flat for them, so we never had any pets, not even fish!

Now, I have a big apartment, and therefore I could technically have a dog, but I travel quite frequently, so it still wouldn't be a good idea because it wouldn't be easy, especially for the dog. It would be difficult to take it with us every time we travel somewhere, and I wouldn't feel comfortable asking my friends to take care of it while we're gone. It just doesn't seem fair to me.

I left home 15 years ago to study on the other side of the country, and I have never moved back to my hometown. At the end, I even moved to a different country. But my brother stayed and worked there, and my sister studied there as well, so my mom used to have a company. However, both of them moved to different cities last year and suddenly my mom was on her own. She found it difficult at the beginning and this is why my brother and sister gave her a puppy. She instantly fell in love with that little creature and I am convinced that right now she loves it more than me 😊 which I don't mind that much.

I love that dog too as finally we have a pet in the family. Anytime I plan to go to visit my family for a couple of weeks I am excited to see him. He became a favorite member of my family. Today, I will take you on my recent adventure with Maxo. We had a lot of fun and I hope that you will see it in those photos too.

But first things first, and here are some lovely little details that I had noticed on our way...

When I saw this yellow thing I thought it was a bag full with some insect's eggs but then I realized that it was winter, so it is unlikely that there are any eggs inside. But I didn't touch it as I was not so sure.


This single berry was probably waiting for a bird to eat it but it was hidden between so many thorns that I think it was difficult for any bird to get close enough to be able to pick it. I wonder if it's still there.


Can you believe that this is one of the best motivators for a new haircut?

Let me explain. Kids do silly things, especially boys when they want girls to notice them. Here is what happens. A boy carefully picks one of these little thorny balls and throws it on a girl. She wants to protect her face and turns around. This small thing lands on her hair and here we go.

Believe it or not, it is almost impossible to get it out of your hair. Most likely, this girl has to get her hair cut. And what happens to a boy? He definitely gets her attention, but is it that kind of attention he was hoping for? 😊


This scene was very nice. There were so many of these small hairy things and there was just a little bit of snow sprinkled on them. It was pretty.


I always like when I see bright colors in the winter months and this leaf knows how to get my attention. It was green, yellow, orange and pink altogether.


This one wasn't as lonely as it looks. There were literally bushes of them but this one was standing a little aside like it didn't want to be bothered by others, or like it didn't even belong to the group.


These seeds were so tiny, probably just 1 mm or so, and I wondered how they will look like once the wind spreads them and they get in the ground in spring. What flower is it? No idea...


I hear this plant saying: I'm cold! I haven't seen this sort of plant having its parts turned inwards like this before.


Looks like tiny cones, doesn't it? But they grow on the ground and not on a pine tree...


And this is where I took these photos. I was walking from one bush to another, looking for something interesting. We didn't come across any cars as this road is only available to people who work in this forest.


And now I can show you our little bundle of joy. He loves snowballs and it's probably the only thing that makes him stand still while he's waiting for you to throw it again. Snowballs and treats, this is how you get to him.

He doesn't like cameras, so I had to take photos from distance as when he noticed me, he turned away and pretended to be busy with some digging and nothing would make him turn back. Frankly, it is impossible to take a close up of this dog.


Come on, are you going to play or not? I'm still waiting!


Finally! And I'm so fast that even your camera can't keep its focus on me!😊


Move snowball, move! Why do I have to wait again?


Look at my sad eyes, how can you keep me waiting for so long?😊


Yay! Finally! Gonna catch it with my snout as I like how it feels and eating snow is so much fun!


Just give me my snowball, hooman! Give it to me, now!


We played for about an hour and then went back to the car. Very soon, he started to shiver as his fur was wet. We hurried back home, so that he wouldn't be sick. He was still shivering when we arrived but didn't want to go inside. He must have really enjoyed our little adventure.

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that little one looks like trouble - sounds like a good day outside