Dreaming about warm spring days


Winter used to be my favorite season. I remember how much snow we had when I was a child. There were villages close to my hometown where people were locked in their houses for a few days as there was too much snow and their houses were covered with snow and not accessible. Can you imagine that?

I also remember that we used to go to the roof of our house to wipe off the snow so that the roof wouldn't collapse as it was too heavy. Nowadays, this is not needed at all. We used to go to the top of a hill with our sledges and spent all days having a lot of fun, making 'snow angels' and snowmen. It was such a great time!

Today, we almost have no snow. This winter we had snow for about one week and then it was gone. It's around 10 degrees Celsius and it keeps raining. February used to be the coldest month and now it feels like early spring. But it's all so grey and foggy. I wish that it would be colder, and I feel sad that the weather changed so drastically. Just a few years ago I wouldn't even think that one day it will bother me.


This year didn't start the way I wished. I'm almost never sick but when I get sick then I'm completely done for at least a week. Last week I caught some virus and I couldn't do anything, so I stayed in bed all the time. I finally feel good, but my back started to hurt me as I didn't move at all for such a long time. It started yesterday and now I cannot even sleep as every time I turn around it hurts, so I keep waking up all night. I find it frustrating as I'm always healthy and once I get sick I also get all these complications.

I planned to go out and take plenty of photos to share with you and here I am, sitting on my sofa and searching for something interesting to share as I didn't have a chance to go out.

Last year I went for a walk during early spring and took these photos. They actually made me smile today and I thought that it was a great way to brighten up my day.


I love cherry trees. This tree is from my uncle's garden. He has plenty of them and when he has too many cherries to consume on time, he makes his signature schnaps. Let's be honest - he makes it every year.


These flowers are fragile and when the temperature drops down or when there is a heavy rain they fall off and the harvest is limited. Last year, there was a devastating storm, so we barely had enough cherries to eat. Hopefully, this year will be better.


Did you know that you can eat dandelion leaves and flowers? You can also make dandelion syrup, wine or honey. Too many people consider it to be some sort of weed but it is a very nutritious plant instead.


These little flowers belong to the family called Liliaceae. They are one of the first spring flowers that I can see when I go for a walk to the forest.


When I was a child, I would pick up these tiny flowers, braid a wreath and give it to my mom. She would wear it to make me happy.


This looks like a meadow sage to me but I was not so sure. I could have smell it and then I would have known. I will do it next time.


This one is my favorite as it will carry a tiny strawberry. These wild strawberries are so delicious! I usually don't pick them as I leave them for the animals but sometimes, I just can't stop myself and pick a couple of these tiny red gems. You can also harvest the leaves, dry them up and use them in your tea.


When you take one flower and press the sides together it will pop open. We call them 'frogs' and we had a lot of fun with them in the past. Now, I just leave them where they are and appreciate their beauty without touching them.


These like to stick to the fur of your dog. Or at least our dog. He loves them and run around them and then we have to take out all those little bits which he doesn't like. It happens so often and I thought that he would learn what happens when he go around this plant but he doesn't...


I like to watch them as you can see them in various stages of their life cycle. Here we can see the one that is still yellow and those ones that turned white and fluffy already, but they still have some bits of yellow. It looks pretty.


They come in all sizes and forms. And then when it's windy all those little seeds spread around. It almost feels like snowing in spring. I know that not everyone likes it as some people might be allergic but luckily I don't have any issues with them.


This one makes me think of the carnivorous plants. I probably wouldn't put my finger inside. Just kidding.


Nature comes in so many colors and combinations. This flowers is complex and beautiful and it even has small hair!


It was a lovely sunny day. This light make me feel warm even now.


There were many dead trees left behind. It is said that nature will recover itself and it also makes nice scenery for photos.


Is it a plant or a fungus, or maybe something else? I don't know but I know that it chose the best place as it makes a perfect contrast to that branch.


It was not only plants that woke up after the winter sleep. I came across a few animals too.


Look how beautiful it is. It was quite big but very slow..


I'm afraid of snakes and I freaked out when I saw this one but the I realized that it was harmless, so tried to overcome my fear and took some photos.


It was about 1 meter long and absolutely not in a hurry. It looked like it didn't even notice me which frankly was impossible as I jumped up and down when I saw it, lol.


I hope that you have enjoyed this small spring tour.

Thank you for visiting!



Nice pictures :D
And you're right about the high temperature. Had ~12°C yesterday in Vienna. like 20 years ago we had 1 meter snow at this time of the year :(


Thank you! Exactly, I find it really sad and I do miss the four seasons. It's like now we only have summer or autumn..