Top 7 Dapps on Hive Blockchain

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Dapp is a short form of Decentralized Application which is a very important part in the world of blockchain. Dapps are open-source applications that operate autonomously on a decentralized public blockchain. In this article, I am going to sort out the top seven Dapps on Hive blockchain.

Top Dapps on Hive Blockchain

Hive has already designed a well-organized ecosystem for the Dapps developers to build decentralized applications with a larger user base. Many Dapps and services created the ever-growing Hive Ecosystem by operating in the Hive blockchain.

At this moment, we can see from that 26 Dapps are developed and running on Hive blockchain. Here's the list of all Dapps -

2Hive BlogSocial
18Sports Talk SocialSocial

As of 26 June 2020
Collected from

The number of Dapps on Hive blockchain is increasing fast. But now I will try to talk about the top 7 Dapps out of these 26 apps -

1. Hive Blog

Hive Blog is one of the first and largest Dapps on Hive blockchain. Hive Blog is a social network as well as a blogging stage. At an elementary level, it may seem like another social network like Reddit to you. Because, almost all the features of Hive are like Reddit.

Like Reddit, you can upvote(Similar to like), comment, repost other users' posts to your profile, follow other users to get feed, follow any topic you like, and create new posts by yourself. There are a lot of features that a social media and blog should have.

I already wrote a lot of articles on the Hive and Hive blog. You can check this article to know more about Hive Blog.

Hive Blog had over 6330 active users last month(June 2020) which are increasing day by day. Active users mean who are creating posts, comments, and replies. The original number of users could be higher due to missing data.

2. Peakd

Peakd is a social Dapp which is also popular among the bloggers as an alternative of Hive Blog. Peakd is popular for its awesome features, user-friendly design, unique ideas, new tools, etc. You can log in to Peakd using Hivesigner or Keychain.

I use PeakD sometimes and truly in some cases, it is way more unique than Hive blog. You can easily upvote here with your voting percentage, tipping other users is easy here, and the writer's panel is user-friendly. You don't have to take help from '"Markdown styling guide" here.

According to @hiveio's statistics, @peakd had approx 4424 active users last month. Because of the innovative interface, the popularity of Peakd is increasing so fast.

3. Splinterlands

You already heard about the most trading card game on the blockchain, which is called Splinterlands. Splinterlands is an online card game that is a decentralized digital collectible trading card game currently adopted Hive Blockchain.

The whole concept of this game is amazing which will blow you away. Here you can get rewarded for playing. Every time you play Splinterlands you get crystals that are a form of current cryptocurrency which you can trade for real money. You can buy cards, get cards from season rewards and quests. The awesome thing is the cards you own in the game is totally yours forever as per blockchain. You totally own them and all cards have a certain monetary value.

I have a plan to write a complete review on @splinterlands soon.

4. 3Speak

If you are a video content creator and want to earn your first dime from your video, you should go for Threespeak. Threespeak is a decentralized video platform developed on Hive Blockchain. I already talked about 3Speak here

You can add your Hive account to Threespeak using Hivesigner just after signing up. 3Speak is a new site that is passing its younghood. It's developing day by day which could be a great alternative for YouTube. The great thing is this is the platform where you can start earning from your first video which is pretty much impossible on YouTube.

According to Hive statistics, @threespeak had over 1500 active users in July 2020 which is increasing day by day.

5. Actifit

Actifit is an innovative Dapp which rewards your daily activity. You can download Actifit mobile apps and track how many movements and steps you have done using an accelerometer. At the end of the day, your goal is to make 5000 or more steps. It is awesome because it will help you to stay fit and you can get paid for it as well!

You can post your daily activity report to Hive blog using apps and get rewarded. They also have a great discord channel where you can ask any question to the Actifit team or gossip with other users.

Keeping body fit is a challenge, but with the help you a supportive community and innovative Dapps like @actifit it is very much possible.

6. TravelFeed

Are you searching for a community that can assist you to fulfill the dream of traveling? A stage where every traveler can coincide?

Travelfeed is a decentralized app for all travelers where anyone can share there travel stories and earn crypto. Here you can find travel posts according to country or location wise. Daily lots of people are sharing their stories on Travelfeed as website authority has made the travel blogging fun and worthy.

@travelfeed is a community for sovereign travelers where you can meet with new people and find data of any travel destination. Also, you can monetize your high-quality blogs. So why not?

7. Quello

Quello is a decentralized question and answer platform based on Hive where you can earn money (or cryptocurrency) just by posting questions and answers. Or you can just say, Quello, is a question-answer platform(Dapp) developed for Hive blockchain, that pays you with Hive tokens for answering people's questions.

People are now desirous to know about new things, starving to gather new knowledge. And for this reason, they also ask a lot. So the value of question-answer websites is increasing day by day. No Q&A website will pay you for answering questions, for your effort. @quello will give all the facilities of a questions-answer website, along with the money.

Quello is a brand new website that is passing its childhood. So, it has a lot of opportunity to develop. Quello team is always ready to adopt new ideas and suggestions. I already wrote a detailed review of Quello. Have a look!

So here is my list for the top 7 Hive Dapps. I just shared my views about my favorite Dapps. Let me know which Dapp you like most and why?