Do Good & Promote Steem - Is the time right for a relaunch of A Dollar A Day?

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Of all the projects I've been involved with on Steem the one I am most proud of is 'A Dollar A Day'.

This charity project was based on the concept of many people donating a small amount regularly - hence the name.

At its peak in 2018 @adollaraday raised over US$5000 for a dozen or so projects around the world.

To me, it showed the Steem Community at its very best.

Alas when the Steem price fell away so badly at the beginning of 2019, and when Steem Backed Dollars (SBDs) stopped being distributed in post rewards, the A Dollar A Day economic model was rather undermined and the project was put into hibernation.

The project didn't die though, and I kept it on tickover by distributing a number of lump sum donations to various projects - most recently to @drutter's well pump project 'Mission : Agua Possible'.

Now with activity on the blockchain bubbling up, the STEEM price showing signs of stirring and SBDs back in rewards and reaching the dollar value again I am feeling now would be the time to get A Dollar A Day back up and running in full-on mode.

The basic model would be the same. Steemians would be invited to make regular small donations - ideally 1 SBD a day if possible. These donations would then be aggregated together and regular (daily/weekly) grants would be given to a number of vetted and authenticated charitable projects around the world. Those projects would report back on their activities on Steem.

Before going for a full-on restart it would be useful to set out some clear objectives...

1. To raise funds to improve the lives of disadvantaged people and communities around the world.

2. To raise awareness of the power for good of the Steem blockchain.

3. To attract and recruit more people to join and contribute to the Steem ecosystem.

The next two questions would be...

a. Who would be interested in donating to @adollaraday either regularly or on an ad-hoc basis?

b. What sort of projects should @adollaraday support with grants, and what checks and balances should be put in place to ensure full accountability?

Some of the projects that @adollaraday has previously supported are still present on Steem and I would certainly be revisiting them.

But I would also like to reach out to and explore possible collaborations with some other charitable projects that have appeared in the interim like @achimmertens's NOBEL Community and @drutter's Mission: Agua-Possible.

There might also be interesting avenues to explore with @ecoinstant's @quintaesencia project in Colombia, and maybe even opportunities to work with @reggaesteem in Jamaica?

So I'm looking for feedback...

- Would you be willing to donate to A Dollar A Day?

- Do you know any projects that might benefit from support?

If it looks like there will be enough interest from both sides - the donators and the receivers - I will press the button and A Dollar A Day will be firing up again on all cylinders.

The mission ... Do Good & Promote Steem.

Thank you.

[ A Dollar A Day logo by @hungryhustle ]


It's a great imitative.

I'd like to donate something, but maybe more like 5 SBD a month as my income's a bit precarious ATM.

Were you writing this during @orlev's most excellent show?

That would be great, thank you.

Yes I was listening to @orlev at the same time. Most interesting. Wish we could get more people along to listen to the show.

i could offer something similar to revisesociology if you start this up again, or perhaps as a beneficiary on posts.

What a lovely initiative! 🥰🤗
I joined 1 run by the state here where I can select 1 of 15 initiatives to send my money to (I protect the marine environment)

I'll do 1 sbd/$ a day if I like the charity (please find something that saves wetlands and their critters).

I'm also down with the idea of doing 10% beneficiaries on a weekly post. Bling bling, that could be worth more than 1 dollar a day!

That will be great thank you. I am open to suggestions for the charities at this point. Previously they have all been causes that had some link with Steem.

But this time round I may be looking further afield to introduce Steem to other charities...

Oh great. I know @papilloncharity does some good stuff.
Not sure if there are any legit environment charities here on Steem, that aren't aimed mostly towards people. I guess some may accept BTC and we could use one of those nifty conversion tools. The cut is probably lower if it is for a registered charity.

@papilloncharity does excellent work. A Dollar A Day has been supporting them from the beginning.

What is HTC?

Sorry I meant BTC, there are tools that can easily convert Steem to BTC which many offline charities readily accept. Steem or SBD would probably be best in the long run, but probably gotta make a few transfers first.

Yes transfers out of STEEM will be something that will need to be handled carefully.

Right, easy mode first.
Anyway sign me up for 6 months, based on whatever worked before.

Not sure if I could do a dollar a day, but what I can do is consciously make an effort to assign you as a beneficiary on my posts :)

That will be great thank you. The A Dollar A Day account is @adollaraday

This was really a great project. Thanks for reviving it. I would like to support the initiative with my mite because I know there are a number of great projects that would benefit. Kudos!

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I would also be interested in donating a few SBD's, probably on monthly basis or twice a month, depending on my payouts. I wasn't active on Steemit at all last year but now I'm picking it up again and I hope it will stay that way! :)

I think it's a cool concept, but I would generally be inclined to give good votes to charitable accounts so as to not run down my Steem holding. They just need regular posts. I do this with one or two anyway. Now Steem is increasing in value they stand to do better from Steem anyway.

And it's on Twitter too to show how #posh this could be...