What tribes to use, to earn some extra Hive!

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Not all tribes are worth the time

But some really are money makers, and I mean that in a good way. There are few tribes that have brought me some decent extra income. And I still use them. Others are just not worth the time and effort. I will give you a few examples of what has been rewarding for me:



Leo and Leofinance is probably the biggest tribe in the bunch, and the value of the token has been quite stable for a while now, which is important if you want to invest your time in posting about the topics that tribe is about. Leo is off course about finance, crypto, anything that has to do with money and how to make it. A topic that is important for all of us. So if you haven't checked it out, be sure to do so, because it can be very rewarding, and the posts are most of the time very interesting.



Sports and sportstalk had a false start on Steem, which abuse immediately, but that was straightened out very quickly. Right now with very little sports news, due to the corona lockdowns and shutdowns of leagues, there was not much to write about. But luckily the big leagues and competitions are starting again, and so is the activity in the tribe. Sports token has a very big cap, so it feels nice to get some decent rewards, but off course the value of the token is quite low because of that. Check it out!


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I am not a weed smoker, but I am very curious about the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant. So, I sometimes post on this tribe too. It is quite a niche, but it has a very hardcore community that post regularly. The token has decent value and has been rising lately.


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A very surprising one to me, but the token that was created by @lasseehlers has brought me a lot of rewards. It has a different kind of distribution. 90 % of your rewards are staked immediately, but that has been very good for the value of the token. I love to post there, and there are no real restrictions on the topics to post about. Very interesting tribe and token!

There are others, that are less valuable or less used by me, but can be for you. Like Stem, Bilpcoin, Palnet, Neoxian, etc... Check the tribes out, you will be surprised what extra value they can bring to you!




Thanks for your input. I have been doing a weekly review of Hive Engine Tokens for @spinvest.

Lassecash has stayed alive for a long time. Do you have any extra information on them? How they are funded, who runs them and how many people their community has? I will be looking too, but it might be a nice short cut to get info from you :)

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I think @lasseehlers is better placed to answer you that question!

Thank you for the nice words. LASSECASH tribe is evolving.

You're welcome!

Spoke with the people of WeedCash yesterday about their token, it seems they have a buying and burning mechanism with their ad revenue, which is amazing! I think Sports does too, and Leo ofc also has it. Really solid tribes!

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I didn't know about Lassecash will have to check it out. Thanks for putting it out there