Virologists need to stop treating us like toddlers!

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There they are again!

Since a few days the number of infections from the corona virus are going up a bit in Belgium. We are going from around 80 infections per day to around 90 per day right about now. We are talking about infections, not hospitalisations, or deaths, those figures are still dropping steaply. So these infections can be mild, or very mild or even asymptomatic. But once again the fear mongering by the virologists, immunologists and epidemiologists is there. Now they are saying that it must be that people aren't following the rules anymore, or not good enough, that can be the only reason of the rise... That is just a total assumption that is not supported by any proof, the rise could be because of one big outbreak in a meat processing plant for instance... Who knows, they clearly say they don't know. So why in heaven's name to they keep on talking people into a feeling of guilt? It is already hard enough to live with these insane and anti-social rules, let alone that we get bullied like a toddler by his teachers...

Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst

Where do these virologists and epidemiologists keep coming from? Did they live under a rock before this happened? Are they scared to have to crawl back under that rock if the fear subsides? I really think so!




they are all looking for their 15 min of fame and media is probably paying good money for anybody in that sector..... but that doesnt annoy me

what annoys me is they are more concerned with telling people what to do, rather than putting out factual information


Surely it is not a consolation but in Spain we have also tons of them.

Lol, I am sure they are everywhere...