Very emotional Professor Knut Wittkowski on Covid-19 and the nonsense of lockdowns

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Broken man

Professor Knut Wittkowski had already been stating his thoughts about the lockdowns in Europe and the USA more than a month ago. He is completely opposed to them and thinks that they are a complete overreaction on the outbreak of this virus. And it brought him a lot of opposition with the exponent of that, the Rockefeller University completely distancing them from their former employee in an official statement:

The opinions that have been expressed by Knut Wittkowski, discouraging social distancing in order to hasten the development of herd immunity to the novel coronavirus, do not represent the views of The Rockefeller University, its leadership, or its faculty.

Wittkowski was previously employed by Rockefeller as a biostatistician. He has never held the title of professor at Rockefeller.>


In his interview with Journeyman Pictures he gives his point on that, and shows that it clearly broke him. But it doesn't change his position on the lockdowns and the "social distancing" measures. He states very clearly that these measures have no point, and are devastating for the well being of the people in longer term. In fact he clearly explains why this even more targets the weak and elderly of the society by making them susceptable to the virus for a longer period, and therefore, more of them will get sick and die.

An eye opening interview that should be seen by every person on this planet. So we can step up against this crime against humanity! Because we can't do it alone, we have to take this on together.



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Hard to say if the mortality rate of the virus deserved such a strong reaction or not.

Mortality rate is according the latest measures around 0,2 % ...