Hundred covid infections per day in Belgium, but nobody has a clue where...

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I kid you not

I live in a country that pretends to be the centre of Europe, but doesn't even have the skills to manage some data. And in a period where data is important, especially the speed of transmission of it, we are completely failing.

The number of infections has been rising the last week, from average 85 per day to average of 100 per day. So now it is time to do decent contract tracing, and cease the fire before it spreads. But what do all the mayors and governors of our country say in choir? "We have no data!"


The mayor and governors want to act quickly and look for the hotspots, intervene where necessary, but our government doesn't seem to provide where exactly the infections are... So, they know how much, but where?


If this would happen in Africa, I would somewhat understand it, but not in the country where the capital of the European Union is situated. Utter and complete morons are leading my country, I can not describe it otherwise...

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Seems that morons are leading the whole world.