Dutch data analyst put all science about Corona virus together, and 1.5 meter is not the solution! Ventilation is!

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Maurice De Hond

I have to admit, I didn't know the man either, but about a week ago, I was watching some alternative media on Youtube about the corona-virus, and a video of an interview with Maurice was suggested by Youtube. (:-) mistake in the censoring algorithm of youtube, I guess). In that video, I was completely baffled about how much is already known about this virus and especially about how to contract it. But this information is NOT used by the World Health Organization and other local health authorities. And that fact alone is mind boggling. Especially when you realize that some "measures" are counter productive!

Maurice De Hond on Dutch TV

A small summary:

What science has thought us already.
-The novel corona virus is almost impossible to contract outside, only one known case was reported in China
-Most of the contractions of the virus happen on so called "super spreading events", these are events in a closed environment with a lot of people inside where there is very little ventilation and dry air. Examples, carnival parties in Holland, Germany and Belgium, choir rehearsals all over the world, church services all over the world (even with social distancing), meat processing factories all over the world, bad aircirculation on an airplane, airconditioning on a cruiseship ...
-With good ventilation, the social distancing measure is not necessary inside
-Mouth masks help when air conditions are not good inside, the help to stop spreading the aerosols
-Humidity of the air is important inside, dry is bad, too wet is not good either

But what does the WHO keep saying? Stay 1.5 meters apart from each other, inside or outside and your safe! But no such thing is correct! And the science proves that, every single day, new research shows that airborne aerosols of the virus are the most important factor in the spreading.

Spread the word around, people!

Here is a lot information in Dutch and English: link.

I hope this was informative!



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