Celebrating - Follow your passion and things will happen

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If you have a passion, don't be afraid to follow it. Be consistent, work hard, don't give up and great things can happen.

Many of you here know me for the blockchain data posts I use to do. Some of you know I am the owner of @theexcelclub, my business account here on Hive. For many years now I have been blogging about Excel and Power BI, and using these tools in a variety of ways. Its been a passion, which I turned into a career.


Yesterday I received notification from Microsoft that I had been awarded the MVP status. The letter below details what this award is about.

mvp letter.png

Good job the pubs are back open (although its bookings only) - Now I have a great excuse to go :-)

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Congratulations @paulag. Great to have my buddy in the program.

Ohhhhhhh look whos here, now there is a surprise

Thanks Alan, Great to see you embrace the block 😀

Congratulations. That is so great, I can honestly say you are the first MVP that I have ever interacted with, and it was your excel chart post that got me learning how to do the pie charts in libre office. A very well deserved reward.

what a lovely comment @bashadow, most of the time my Excel posts gain little attention here, but when I read something like that, it makes it well worth my time. Thank you very very much :-)

A lot of what is posted in your excell community does translate to other programs, I have learned how to use LibreCalc mostly from your excel post, like linking data from one spreadsheet to another or from one file to another and tying them together to auto update. Pretty useful stuff. So when I get stuck I first cruise through the excel post. Most of it is way above my level, but still helpful.

Congratulations Paula!

Thank you kindly @novacadian


Very impressive, well done Paula!

@abh12345 I was going to message you last night to tell you, but then seems I have not been in touch in so long, I decided not too. I'm so super excited. Now I need to buy like tonnes of hive to kick start the community. I'm a little out of touch on the developments with communities, I might ping you with some questions over the next few days if that's good with you :-)

Now I need to buy like tonnes of hive to kick start the community.

That would be grand :) You can join me on 100k?

Feel free to ping :)

100K- damn dude, it will take me a long time to catch up with that. Well done you. I need to be your BBF again 😂

Wow congratulations.

Nice work. 👍

thanks @bala41288. I'm super excited :-)

Ya, you have to be. Great enjoy. 🙂

Congratulations and !BEER

sup @bluerobo, thanks for stopping by, and for the Beer

Great! Congratulations @paulag! Nice to have you here on Hive already such a long time🙂👍

Thanks, yea I am a bit of an old-timer here on the block

I love this post! Following your passions is one of the most important things you can do, so follow your passions if you are not already!

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thanks @adamdabeast


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Wow!! Congratulations on such a prestigious award - MVPaula! Makes it even more of an honour you helped us out with our spreadsheets in @yourtop3!

Enjoy your celebrations!


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Yepppeeeee @nickyhavey. I have been missing Hive and the community. how is @youtop3 going? How have you been?

Haha we've missed you too but you've obviously been kicking some serious butt outside of it all!

@yourtop3 is going great guns thanks - the help you gave with setting up the league formulas has propelled the leagues! We're really loving it and glad we can bring some enjoyment, fun and a few added HIVE prizes in to the mix - our mascot Q thinks he's Freddie Mer-Q-ry now in this latest topic of Lead Singers!

Congratulations! You are doing a great job adding value to Hive. Hope to see even more Excel fans here, even if I am more of an open source guy :)


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That's amazing, but not at all surprising, Paula! Congratulations! 🎉

😁 thanks

If you have a passion, don't be afraid to follow it. Be consistent, work hard, don't give up and great things can happen.

I’m super happy for you girl 👧

@Nathanmars - I have been watching you closely on twitter. I promise I will be back, just finding it hard time-wise as you know. Another 8 weeks till the kids return to school and hopefully I will have time to champion Hive as much as I champion Excel. You know my plan to bring an Excel community to Hive, well it's still going to happen. I'm so glad you are back :-)

We’re decentralised community and while I was taking break you guys worked hard during hardfork.

So it’s my turn now. Please focus on your family and I know you’ll be back when you’re ready.

‪#HIVE 🙌 from London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿‬

Stay safe - talk soon

Congratulations Paula, clearly a well-deserved accolade. ✅

Hi @galenkp, I hope you are keeping well?

Thanks, its for sure a proud moment

Yes, pretty well...We lost our dad last night, tarazkp and I...But the community have been nice and supportive. It's been a revelation actually.

You should be very proud of your achievement - Loads of hard work, perseverance and effort I'm sure. ✅

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that!!! Sending hugs to you and your family :-(

Thanks Paula. 🙂

wow, not bad! You can truly be proud of yourself :D

thank you very much @hatoto

Congratulations Paula!!!

You deserve it!!!

Thank you so so much @gikitiki, I'm actually overwhelmed with the support on this post today

Wow that's quite awesome, congratulations

Thank you so much @joediccus, I'm feeling rather proud

Congrats, I am chasing MVP for ASP.NET from such a long time hopefully I have to work hard a little more just like you

Work hard & network loads. I'm ten years doing Excel stuff

Hey @paulag, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluerobo for you. Enjoy it!

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The title of this post says it all.


Congratulations @paulag

Thanks @limit1984


Congrats! Massive respect.

Sup @demotruk, thank you so much

yesss...always go for your heart...it knows the way ;)

Congratulations! That is pretty cool.

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Thanks :-) its so way cool

Congratulations for your achievement! My career being my hobby at the same time, I am fully in line with the first sentences of this post :)

it's so awesome to have a hobby as a career. Thank you for the well wishes

It’s great to see hard work and dedication getting deserved recognition. Congratulations and cheers!

Hay @enjar, thank you so much for your support

Congratulations! what a great accomplishment :)

Thank you for your kind words and support


Congratulations indeed! I've known you for some time, and happy to see you get some much deserved recognition.

Look out Bill Gates!!


hahaha deadly!!!!! Thank you so so much @wesphilbin. Im missing all you gang on hive so much, all the comments on this post have been so awesome and really show the friendships I have made here. I can't wait to have more free time so I can come back.
stay safe and talk soon

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Congratulations @paulag! That's awesome, and well deserved — in the time I have known you through Steem and Hive, you have always seemed very dedicated to honing your expertise, so it's great to see you get this recognition!

Thank you so much @denmarkguy - now I just need to find the time to champion hive just as much :-)

Great one and well deserved!
You are an MVP :)

yepppeee @dalz Im an MVP - how cool is that


Incredible! I feel honored to interact with someone with such a high award! Congratulations! That is incredible, I'm glad that Microsoft has taken notice of the expertise you have in Excel!

Lol such a sweet message, I'm just as honored that you and so many here on hive are so supportive all of the time :-)