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RE: Blockchain Gaming - New approach with NFTs via LINK

in OCD3 months ago

I don't understand what LINK is actually providing here, or for that matter, in most cases. I don't understand what "for gamers to control the value of transactions in real-time" could actually mean.


Good question, let us hope our gaming folks @aggroed @yabapmatt @risingstargame here on the chain have some answers - maybe also @knircky - I have no idea! I actually thought it links towards actual ownership

I would have to delve deeper to understand this too. Doesn't mean a lot on first read through.

I am not enamoured with the emphasis the article places on achieving higher prices for NFTs though. Crypto gaming should not be all about getting rich it should be more about getting a fair reward for time spent playing. When I see crazy prices like $60,000 dollars for an NFT it actually makes me a little worried as people start to take financial risks when they see things like that. Gaming should be fun not stressful and when you are trading NFTs at that sort of price someone's gonna get burned!