Why do we say that we are verified?

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Papillon Pamphlet July 2020page0001.jpg

Some questions were received about @papilloncharity's official registration, formal verification, transparency and trustworthiness.
Here is the evidence!

In the next post on Friday, in @combination, we will show you what we are doing with the Steem downloads in a poor town suburb during the Covid lockdown.

Papillon Pamphlet July 2020page0002.jpg

Several investigations have been done in Papillon over it's almost 20 years existence and every time we were found to be the real thing.

Papillon Pamphlet July 2020page0003.jpg

Years of dedication and perseverance against the odds deliver true outcomes like this.
Yes it's only natural to feel resentment when anyone doubts our authentication, especially when we have put in backbreaking work, but there are so many corrupted scammers at work, that we have learned to accept it also as natural sceptisims, as so many people with good intentions were taken for a ride!

Papillon Pamphlet July 2020page0004.jpg

The Papillon Foundation has a formal certificate of registration, A legal board of members and a registered independent company of accountants that does our annual financial audits.

Papillon also submits an annual report to the relevant government department, including a narrative, minutes of our 5 board meetings per year and our financial audits. Not once over the years of government audits have we been found non compliant.

Some prominent Hivers have also supported Papillon over the years, prior to steemit and now on Hive.

Instead of begging for hand-outs, we raise funding with my nature posts that I post every day!

A. In the interim Papillon has relocated from Gauteng to the Western Cape rural areas 2 years ago and you can see what we are busy doing with the computers at the farm schools above.

B. The Covid lockdown in South Africa, (some 125 plus days now) has curtailed our operations and we continue with the feeding project in poor town suburbs, and we are converting the free Accredited Trauma training for child workers into online webinars. Nappies and clothing have also been distributed during the lockdown period.

We thank you for reading this post and we hope that you know that this is not an attempt to boast about Papillon's accomplishments, bur rather a statement of facts!

It is only by the Grace and Guidance of the Holy Spirit that we can accomplish anything!

In case any scammers want to copy or alter this post in any way please READ THE DISCLAIMER below.

The articles, trademarks, and photos appearing on this @papilloncharity site may not be used in any advertising or publicity, or affiliation with any product or service, or for private purposes, without the author's prior written permission.
All posts are placed without prejudice!


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Thank you my kind friends!

You're very welcome @papilloncharity ❤️

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It's great to see all the work you are doing.

I haven't been able to do my volunteer activities all year because the group I did it with is just giving money to the experts while this COVID is going around.

It's just as helpful (maybe more so), but not quite as motivating. If anything they need it now more than ever.

Thank you and this Covid thing is delibitating.
Hunger is a huge problem here and the word is that more people will die from starvation than from the virus.
Imagine when a toddler stands in the queue with a little bowl to collect some soup and bread!

80-100 are fed at this feeding station.
Look at the little one second in the right hand line!

Wow, that's awful.

The worst we get here are drunks complaining they have to wear a mask indoors and on the bus, or people dodging out of 2 weeks quarantine when ordered to do so.

Well then count yourself as very lucky my friend.
Things are really bad here and getting worse by the day!

So proud of your work!

Wow! Long time my dear friend.
Thank you for the kind words!

I haven't copied, but, I will repost! ;) I cannot believe that anyone who has been around any social site hasn't seen what you do. I am insulted that they make you spend time putting together information time and again.

I admire you and Lady Marian for all you do, never looking to line your own pockets with the proceeds. I only worry that you will be in a good place when you retire someday... you never worry about yourself.

Your facts speak for themselves!

Upped and Reposted

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Retirement is not in my plans Lady Denise, as even if I end up in a wheelchair, I will simply continue to keep Papillon running. And if I am no more, Marian is young, she is with me at Papillon over the years and she knows it inside out. Besides, the Papillon board will also be there and will continue to be renewed as time goes on.

Your kind words bring a tear to my eye, as in our world of work it is so difficult to make others understand what a pleasure it is to follow one's heart. To stop feeding the greed monster, as it's rewards are ill health and bitterness. I myself was well off in stages of my life, but I have never tasted true happiness. Fortunately I nave for the past 20 years at Papillon and if you can make it with nothing, then you have nothing to lose, or to keep you awake at night.

People with your heart are few and far in between and that's what have always kept us going.

Thank you for the kind words and the tip my dear friend.

Ps. Real men do cry lol.

The reason why I don't post about our work every day, is simply that I hate boredom. That's why I keep the charity posts to a minimum, as we aldo don't want to be seen as begging for support, insteaqd we love to give and that's why @combination is such a blessing, as it helps us to give back to Hivers and also to the Hive Rewards pool. Thereby killing two birds with one stone. Helping people and building Hive.

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Thank you kindly Lady @dswigle

The simple words "Thank You" for all you do just do not seem enough, but they are what I have.

It's a shame that you have to waste time, effort and money to defend yourself and your foundation. I guess that success breeds envy but I am not sure why.

Again, Thank You.

That thank you is enough to give and thank you also Sir @bigtom13, as I know that it comes from your heart!

We have had to defend the foundation countless times over the years, not only to doubters, but also against those that wanted to use the foundation's name for their own quick, "get rich" schemes.
I don't like doing it, but if we all have to stop doing what we don't like, then this broken world will be in an even bigger mess.

One of my fondest sayings is "A Luta Continua". the battle continues!

All blessings to you and yours!

Congratulations! You are doing a great job in helping people!

Thank you kindly my friend!


Hi @papilloncharity,

Sorry for having a doubt ;-)
You are on the #chary whitelist now.

Achim Mertens

Hi Achim,

Thank you and no need to apologize, as you were only protecting yourself against abuse.
I understand that totally and wish you well in your efforts.


Thats amazing :) Nice to see people helping other people. THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for the kind words here Sir @scmidi!

A happy Friday to you!

cool :) thank you ...

Keep up the good work!
You are genuine - the official Papillon Charity!

We do my friend, even though this Covid lockdown is laying some restraints on us.
Thank you for your trust in us.
I mainly had to do this for the new people who doesn't know us.


I had no need for you to show this I know so well that you do this work from your heart and your focus is on the needy

Thank you JJ and I know that, but there are still so many on Hive that do not know us!
That's who the post is aimed at, but if I have a look at the response to it, many will continue to not know us lol.

Blessings to you guys!

Ohh yes i understand the need for you to do it to educate others and you presented it very well

Thank you JJ.
We just have to keep on trying mate.

That’s all we can do