We found a wild Almond nut tree today!

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IMG_8437 2_LI.jpg

A lonely school bus, as the schools are all closed!

We are all supposed to stay in isolation due to the new virus, but there is no virus in nature and I cannot endure to sit between brick walls in a room every day. So we go where no one goes and we become one with nature.
Come and have a look!


I heard the swing crying because there were no kids around.

And here is our surprise find!


Looks like some kind of bush doesn't it?


Marian (my wife) saw the fruits first and an excited call "Almonds" went up Lol.


Oh yes! A clutch, or several untouched clutches of Almond nuts were staring at us!


Of course we picked a few of the nuts to cure at home.


Evidence in case you don't believe that it's Almond nuts Lol.


Yes, the nuts are still wet and green, but with a good heat treatment they will soon be ready!


This is one of the rivers that flows directly from the mountain, clean and fresh water where the birds drink and they must have planted the almond trees!


A place where wild squirrels, birds and snakes hunt for food in the tree tops!


Finally here's the mountains not too far away!

And That's All Folks!

We are ordered to stay away from crowds of people. Everything including the universities and businesses are closed and for a change the government is on the ball by controlling a nationwide information and treatment system.

Nature offers us no danger, as far as the virus is concerned; and it is a welcoming place to go and spend some time in isolation. No doubt, care must be taken whenever one encounters other souls, but we take care to give everybody a wide berth.
We don't like crowds in any case, and so we are quite happy and comfortable on our own.

Note: All photos are my own, freshly taken today.
The photos are unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.
Camera used; Canon Powershot SX60HD.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and the new find, and thank you for visiting @papilloncharity


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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

I never saw how almonds grow! They are fuzzy?

Glad to have shown you my friend and they do feel fuzzy indeed.
Almost like a soft chamois feel.
Blessings and thank you!

@posh share; Source

Such beautiful shots and I think if your the only one out there or you have a good distance from anyone else then its good to get out and get some fresh air

Absolutely correct JJ. The legs complain because of the back, but I just cannot sit in the house. Besides, mother nature has always welcomed us Lol.
I am one of those that cannot follow rules very well hahaha.

I discussed it with my Doctor and with my Lung issues he said to check the allergy levels before heading outside as he doesnt want me to risk getting allergies at this time

today they were low so I popped out onthe deck for a bit to get some fresh air
I too struggle being indoors for too long

I have to share this with you JJ.
When the allergy levels are high, I pop a drop of "Naseptin" into each nostril.
It is a gel . Put a drop on the small finger tip and just smear it on the inside at the tip of each nostril opening. No more allergies Lol

I remember you mentioning it, but i havent had any luck finding it here as yet

Good find! I have never seen the almond fruits fresh from the tree before, thanks for sharing that!
Glad you are still out enjoying nature and capturing some beautiful photos! Take care my friend and we will see you in The HIVE!

Howdy sir papilloncharity! What a wonderful find in the Almond tree! Do you think most people there are self quarantining themselves and taking this very seriously?