The new week started with a loud bang!

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What else can go wrong? The world is bankrupt, the Covid-19 virus rages and the steemit battle continues!

And now we are locked isolated in our homes. The roads are just as empty as the shelves in the local shops as everyone is stocking up. Fear is spreading like a bush fire and everyone as usual has an opinion.


Oh and then there are always added damages as another car rammed into the back of the white car!


Some of the community members interrupted their breakfast and popped up on a wall to watch the action!


But as soon as the cars were taken away, they returned to finish their breakfast!


Chatting here during their breakfast to the doves about the bad news of the accident!


Now, after breakfast they were planning their day to share the excitement with as many as possible!


Finally, it was time to leave and off they went to go and share the news of the accident!

And That's All Folks!

Did you see some parallels in this fictional story to our human nature?
They say that bad news travels fast and that is exactly what I tried to portray in this post. Can I tell you that this world gets filled daily with bad news via the media?
That's one of the reasons why we don't have a TV.
If there is something that we could have done about a bad event on the other side of the world, we would have.
I forever try to post positive messages in my posts about things that we can change for the better.

The birds here did not even consider the accident and they simply carried on with their normal lives. Shouldn't we then start to follow suit and stop feeding the negative media monster that makes all of us feel bad?
We were created to have a life of love and peace, not to make ourselves sick with worries. Whatever will be, will be!
Just something to think about!

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I remember someoen aying once bad news sells good news doesnt and that why the new media focus on the bad and pump it up to make more money, its a sad state of affairs

Another great post

Oh yeah, you are so right JJ,they will maybe put a good story on the 3rd page, but normally the headlines scream doom and destruction.
A negative indoctrination.
Blessings and thank you for being the only commenter on this post!

So true sadly, and it seems with so many being locked in their houses commenting is not something people are doing with their free time

Well, I read somewhere that with all of the people isolated in their houses we can expect a baby boom to take place JJ.
So glad that our days of being woken up by the patter of little feet are over hahaha

Yes I have seen posts about that I would expect it to be true, and yes glad I wot be one of them LOL

Well I heard that just the other day a lady in her 70s fell pregnant JJ.
Heaven forbid us suffering the same fate hahaha.

Ohh yes heaven forbid for sure LOL

Hahaha, cannot happen as I am an ox now my friend.

We can all learn so much from nature. The world has become a scary place. Thank goodness our days are getting warmer and I will be able to spend my isolation outdoors.

Oh yeah, no house with bricks can also keep me contained Lady Melinda and today we went for a walk at the river. Everything good thus far and we hope that it stays the same at your side.
I presume that you know about "Hive"

I am keeping up with Steem/Hive happenings Townhall and Twitter posts. Lots of changes ahead!

Ha! I like changes my friend as it keeps life interesting.
We were forced to change so many times in my single parent childhood, that change became adventures for me Lol.
Let's see what happens this time round and I hope that too many cooks will not spoil the broth hahaha.

At least it's more hopeful than the changes we lived through with Tsu!

There is always hope Lady Melinda.
I am sure that we will make it in the end. Somehow Lol.
Blessings and take care!

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Again I say STOP PLEASE!