Something to brighten your Monday's!

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Ready to face the big bad world alone now! This cute little one arrived alone without the mother!

Very similar to my own habits of facing my battles alone. I am not a "group" fighter, never was and never will be. The sound of bands and screaming spectators with their cheer leaders unnerves me to this day, as I was always out on the field doing my best to get a win for my team. So yeah, no bandwagons for me!


Here's a closer shot of the little one and we have been watching her, or him grow up! Haven't given it a name yet!


An abundance of fruit here in our palm tree for this young "Red-faced Mousebird"!


They travel together in their little family groups, normally 5 or 6, but at times I have seen more than 20 of them together.
I suppose every now and then they have a church meeting where everyone gathers hahaha!


Difficult to get a clear shot of them in flight, as they visit in the early morning in bright sunlight, or late afternoon in hazy light. But this shot is not too bad Lol.


Finally, a picture for you of my world. A world filled with uncorrupted life that shows the splendor of its beauty!

An unbiased world that feeds all of its residents equally with no favorites. Each resident has its place and they all work together for a common good. A world that has existed since time began and then sadly man came along to destroy and plunder.
To destroy not only perfect nature, but also each other.
Yet everyone cries for peace, serenity and comfort!
We need to wake up before it's too late.
If there is no love, their will never be rest!

I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


Very cool shots! Lovely squirrel! 😃

Thank you Sir and I am glad that you liked it.
That little young squirrel is indeed very cute.

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Very right moment for shot :)everyshot loooking great sir.

Tired of the fighting and I don't become involved my friend.
Just trying to lift peoples moods here!
Glad that you liked the shots.
Blessings and thank you sir!

Yet everyone cries for peace, serenity and comfort!

Sadly those who have don't always share with those who do not, living in a world today with more confusion than direction. Set goals and keep going where you 'gut feel' indicates.

Sharing is always rewarding to mind, body and soul.

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A lot of dispirited anger floating around my friend.
Tired of the fighting and people making big noises to the winds.
That's why I don't become involved.
We have enough, no, more than enough dark to face every day in our charity work, so I just seek a peaceful and pleasant, but also simple cruise here on the PC.
Centralization and decentralization has lost it's meaning in my life, as I just continue on my road of being kind to everyone.
Blessings to you and please watch yourselves during this Covid thing.
Oh! And thank you also for the kind tip!

Such beautiful shots that do indeed brighten my day :)


Thank you the kind words and the gifts JJ.
It seems that we are slowly getting back into things here.
But I bet that there are still some surprises in store.
Thankfully you and I are battle veterans and we can take it in stride, but I feel for the newbies that enter this current morass.
Blessings to you and the missus!

Ohh yes in the big scheme of things these are all small Issues for sure

I have decided i will be manly using hive, and perhaps will only cross post the Wednesday Walk post to Steemit, but keeping my options open for now


Keep on pumping my friend!

Doing my best to :)

Wonderful Monday inspiration, thank you my friend!

Thank you and hope that you guys are settling in well into the normal routine after the break my friend. Of course this Covid thing can affect your B&B and I hope that some recompense can be obtained from the government.
Unfortunately Papillon's work is also shut down, but we will survive as the government doesn't support us. It's more the people that I am worried about!
Blessings and take care of the family!

This Covid virus is really causing disasters all over the world, very scary. I'm so sorry to hear about the problems Papillon is having and the people who will suffer but you can only do the work with proper funding, you've done a lot over the years and changed many lives!
Blessings to you and your Marion!

Can you believe that we only get 11 packs of incontinence nappies for the amount of R6619:48 Lady Lizelle. But we simply had to get it and it will be delivered to the "Little Angels" home tomorrow.
I don't often moan, but this is a big problem and the virus only makes matters worse.
Can't believe how the people are crowding the Supermarkets over here. Like there is no virus around. How stupid, as if one is affected, they carry it home to their families.
But as they say, life goes on. Or it ends suddenly Lol.
Take care me friend!