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Protecting our diverse community!

in hive-174578 •  4 months ago 

For some reason the reply system doesn't seem to work too well on e-steem today Lady Joan. This is the second time that I reply here to you today and let's hope that this one gets through!
We get a 2 year guarantee on the installation of the inverter and it works with two two deep cycle batteries whatever that means.
The poor guy cannot keep up with the demand, as it seems that everyone here is buying the system. Someone got something right somehow and it has a great write up. So let's see how it goes.

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Message received, so yes it got through.... not back to shouting from the hill tops yet or creating smoke signals 😁.

Always have to check guarantee on goods today, normally made to last for at least that first period of time... then falls over and kaput!

Hahaha, maybe we will soon return to postal pigeons Lady Joan.
The snail mail place is bankrupt as so many others and nothing lasts anymore in this country.
The catch with the inverter is that I know where the owner of the company lives that is installing it for us and his word is that he will look after us. I also checked him out and he has a very good reputation.
They call this town the "Millionaire's Town" as all of the big boys come to retire here and he does the work for most of them.
Let's see how it works out.