Late Autumn and our first winter rain!

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Many don't like Autumn, but we are those that love all seasons!

I bring you some delicate Autumn colors today and the good news that we are going to have a wet winter. At least judging by the amount of water that fell from the skies overnight, its going to be a wet one.
Have a look at some beauties here!


I heard the rain stop and was out in the garden at 5am this morning.
You can see the street lamps still on above!


The wind was gathering the clouds to go and wet some other places!


Pale from the night's battle to shine through the rain clouds, the moon was limping towards the horizon!


Of course, lemons love water and this lot were shining with joy!


Oops! Some clouds fell down upon the driveway!


A lost leaf that sun tanned a bit too long!


Some Bougainvillea flowers lapping up the rain drops!


Finally this leaf must be a she! Look how she blushed when she saw me and I don't even know her name Lol.

And That's All Folks!

Just some Sunday beauties here to show us that nothing lasts forever.
The rain has stopped, the once blooming flowers are shedding their clothes and the trees are losing their hair.
Such is it also with us during this Covid Virus season.
Anchored at home, some in hospital and others passed away, but our human nature has taken up the cudgels to fight this common enemy.

Exactly like the seasons, this virus will also reach its peak and the like the moon go on the wane.
But there is a huge difference here, as we can do nothing about the moon's travels, but we can do a lot about the virus and it's future mutations. First instance stop and I mean STOP all illegal wildlife trade. Different species of animals were never meant to be cooped up together in little cages awaiting slaughter.
Join a wildlife organization today to help them make a difference and save the animals of Africa (and the world)!
Think about it!

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Always great photos! :)

Thank you my friend!

You're welcome :)

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A quiet day shared under 32 deg C today, sounds like the rain is arriving overnight and should be here in the morning to cool us down.

Nature is turning slowly, trust you had a pleasant Easter Sunday!

Cold here already and so happy my friend. Helps a great deal with the lockdown.
Glad that you guys will be getting water.
Doing a private communion later on tonight.
Blessings and take care!

The photos are not loading for me at the moment, but I know they will be beautiful and will swing back to check them out later :)

Have a good week ahead stay safe

and although I do not like Autumn in one way because winter follows soon after I do love the colors of Autumn :)

Almost midnight here now my bro and the photos are working again.
Did I tell you that I also love winter Lol
Blessings my friend!

I revisited later and glad i did as always beautiful post my friend

WellI think your winters there are a bit warmer than here I didn't mind winters much at all infact UI liked them till moving here ;)

Thank you for the visit JJ.
Having trouble with PeakD tonight, but managed to get my post about the termites in.

Yes indeed, our winters are warmer here in the Cape, but the Natal, KZN area is much warmer as they are tropical and on the warm Indian ocean. Two of my friends, Joan and Lizelle live there and they are also here on Hive. I think you might also know them.

Blessings and give our regards to your wife!

Autumn is my favourite season. I hope you are right about a wet winter. However, a wet winter makes fertile ground for this virus. I hope that they can get a handle on it before July / August when we are usually at our coldest and wettest in this part of the world.

Trusting you and your family stay well.

There is of course the worry about the covid thing my friend.
We hope that they can release the vaccinations before September.
I read a headline that stated the vaccinations could be ready by September.
All that we have is hope.
Blessings and take care!

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