It seems steemit will soon be history!

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I write this with a heavy heart as the day draws to a close!

Let's face it, so many of us have put in mega hours of work and we had a good thing going on steemit.

I started the @papilloncharity page here in June 2017. I earned almost nothing at the beginning, but persevered with quality posts and many late nights. Never bought a vote and just continued to do my own thing. Some great community members picked up that we are genuine, and help still comes in to this day.
Now it seems that it will soon be over. Finito.

IMG_9454 2.JPG

Flight or fight became a constant bed partner, but representing a loving charity that helps the poor we could not entertain too much of the latter. We rather considered a peaceful and negotiated settlement.


A new owner appeared out of nowhere and presented a threat to the freedom of all.

IMG_9353 2.JPG

Words with as many as a chameleon's colors were exchanged, meaning that what was said one day was changed the next day.


To sit with your best friend and to consider calmly the two sides of the coin. Questions like; stay or go, past and future, dominated the considerations.
All seemed to be at a dead end with no cross roads in sight!

IMG_9345 2.JPG

It seemed that we were facing a big mountain of problems to climb and at my age it would be very difficult!

Hola! Then affirmation appeared out of nowhere!


The goose suddenly popped up from behind the tree!


Closer he came to make sure that I saw him and that I understood the message!


The time to fly to a new destination has arrived!


Oh yes, I will continue to work hard on my posts and I will continue to chat to friends. But not in a strangled situation, as to us freedom means everything.

And That's All Folks!

I wrote this with a sad feeling in my heart, simply because I was in a similar situation before. I am a TSU veteran and for those that do not know, TSU was one of the best social media sites ever. Sheer abandon reigned and genuine people shared daily banter and support. Creativity was abundant as everyone was working in a happy atmosphere. But once again an owner made a mistake and TSU shut down overnight!
They did however release our charity's funds, but many others were not so lucky.

Why am I sharing this? Simply because I don't believe that there is a future for us at steemit anymore.
And so we have to do what we must.

So sad as we were hoping for a professional and decently negotiated settlement between the new owner and the community!

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A great post and I share many of the same thoughts as we have been on a similar journey on these platforms

I will of course be joining Hive, but may well cross post on Steemit as well initially and see where it goes

Same here JJ, keeping steemit open until the new site has settled.
Never good to have all of one's eggs only in one basket Lol.

I think thats the best bet for now :)

Right on the button mate.


Yes we move along with community we enjoy, also came from Tsu and know many here who have encountered change over the last ten years. Positive about this move we will move together, previously we all had to find each other again.

See you in hive Stephen.

Oh yeah, I know that you were also on TSU my friend.
We will certainly continue to move together, but I am also keeping steemit open as a back stop for the time being.
Will be together in Hive as usual.

An unnecessary/necessary move alas, will see you on Hive and only make move on Monday, no hurry things will take awhile to settle down again.

Life goes on... Stay safe!

You also take care at that end Lady Joan
We will soon see how it's going to work out.

First TSŪ, then Steemit, and next we step into the world of HIVE. We will hold each other's hands in support as we continue our path together into the next chapter of our cyber journey, Sir Stephen!💫

Blessings, strength & love! @papilloncharity💓

Soulmates forever it seems Lady Nina and we have certainly come a long way together. Now for the new adventure and let's see how it goes.
Just to let you know that I am keeping steemit open until the dust has settled in the new site.

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