Impossible questions in life!

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Just a normal/abnormal day here as usual.

Ever had one of those questions that are unanswerable?

Image alt text

Let me start by first showing you the new smallest member of Marian's fan club!

Little Jacky in the picture above lives up in the high palm tree and he is rarely seen. Today he has made his presence known in an amazing manner! "Squirry", the mother had a litter of girls and boys and we are helping to fatten them up so that they can survive this winter that is now upon us!

Image alt text

Now look at that! The smallest and the bravest, as none of the other squirrel litter approached Marian for some nuts. Only this little one today and of course his mother when she is around!

Image alt text

A full stomach means a little nap with a nut kept in the mouth, just like a little child that keeps something special under their pillow!

Okay, by now I am sure that you want to know about the impossible question that we were asked?

Image alt text

This peanut plant was brought to us as evidence by a disgruntled neighbor and here was the question! "Can you please ask your squirrels not to bury their nuts in our garden"?

Now my question to you?

Image alt text

How would you tell a bunch of little beauties like this, not to bury their nuts in the neighboring gardens?

While you are thinking about a possible answer, let me change the subject for the Sunday lunch crowd tomorrow. You know that feeling when you have a stomach full of food and somehow your eyes refuse to stay open? Check out how this goose responds to a full stomach.

Image alt text

This is "Harry" and he is having lunch alone as his wife "Sally" is on her nest and she will come for supper later"

Image alt text

Harry is a strong guy as he has been fighting other geese off from his territory and you can see how easily he lifts himself onto our low garden wall!

Image alt text

But our Harry also has a human side, as when the stomach is full, the eyes will close. I will have to tell him that sleeping on guard duty can cost him a dishonorable discharge from the goose army Lol

Image alt text

Finally, here was one of the jealous sisters up on the palm trunk, calling little Jacky to come home!

And That's All Folks!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HS

We would appreciate your input regarding the "impossible question" that we were asked here today.
How would you tell the squirrels to stop planting nuts in the neighbor's gardens?

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Yes, constantly. More lately, my impossible question goes endlessly around the freedom philosophy and self-delevopment dettached from any form of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government, as defined by the word freedom meaning. That said, I cannot answer how humans will ever achieve freedom in a world dominated by ideological groups whose only purpose is to defend their ideas through means of freedom suppression, i.e. by dictating what can or cannot be said.

Thank you Sir, I suppose that I will have to go and tell the squirrels that they have freedom to bury their nuts anywhere Lol.

\o\ or tell the neighbor that the squirrels are part of nature and you can't control their natural behavior

I did the post a bit tongue in cheek my friend!
It was just that the question was so funny.
Thank you and hope your weekend is good!

But I'd tell the Squirrels to go there and annoy the guy again!

Oh yes, now that is a great idea hahaha.

Very cute set of animeals tho. I dont like creepy things tho.
The question is funny too.. you will probably cage them but i dont think they will look nice when they are not free.
The feeling of sleeping after eating is a physiological response known as post prandial hyperemia. So please let the goose sleep ... Nice pictures

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Thank you kindly @hafizullah.

Awe! thats so sweet that the little fellow feeds right in the palm of Marion's hands!
I would love to have some squirrels bury some nuts in my garden, especially if I had the growing season to let them mature!
Does your neighbor not like peanuts? It looks likes marvelous free food to me!

Yeah, he is really a cute little guy.
The owner of the pet shop knows the we take two bags every month and everyone is happy, him and the squirrels Lol.
People are strange creatures my friend and I have told the squirrels not to go into her garden hahaha.

Ugh people irritate me - ask the neighbors to please stop sending their negative vibes to the animals then maybe they will stop hiding their nuts. I think most people have lost a few nuts. i do not understand what is the big deal.

Hahaha, well said my friend, I am thinking of exporting the neighbors instead of the animals.