"Hey All" Come and look at this announcement!

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"Hey All", the Rock Pigeon shouted! "Come and look at this announcement"!

Do you have many single photos in your files?

The problem!
We all have beautiful single photos in our files that do not fit into a post subject. I have hundreds.
If you post only 1 photo with some words, it gets hardly any upvotes!

The solution!
We are thinking of starting a new challenge called "Wednesdaymix"
The idea is to open the challenge, calling for a series of single photos as per this post on any subject, not only nature.
The photos MUST be your own!


"Okay" the squirrel said; "Do you understand what we are saying here"!


Any single photos on any subject, like our little Troy here can be placed, as long as it is not less than 5 photos per post.
Of course you will also have to identify each photo with a description. A maximum total of 7 photos will be allowed per post!


Many of us will sing like this little Red collared songbird if we can find a home for our single photos.


The photos must not be less than 5 photos per post.

As a part of the post, 2 photos on an identical subject, added to the 5 single photos will also be accepted.

Here below is an example!


My wife was hanging the washing and here is her line peg bag.
But there is something else in the peg bag for unexpected visitors!


Yes, there are nuts in the bag in the event of a visitor actually arriving!

Now before we launch the "WednesdayMix" challenge, we would like to have some feedback.

Two questions for you!

Do you think that this challenge is a good idea?

Would you support this challenge?

Please let us know in the comments below this post!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and taken today!
Camera used; Canon Powershot SX60HS

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Thank you kindly my friends!

You're welcome again @papilloncharity ❤️

Folk do enjoy sharing photography, a good story line to go with pictures and places for others to know what they are looking at.

Well done, good luck hope this is enjoyed by all Stephen.

@tipu curate

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Thank you Lady Joan,

A thought that came to me when I saw the heaps of single photos in my files.

Are you guys now sorted with a new IT service?


Not winning yet, got router and ISP provider may need to buy extender mast outside for better signal. Never straight forward, we will get there one day at a time.

Well, we are fighters and I am sure that you guys will entually sort it out.
That extender mast can work out well.
Hope that you will find a perfect long term solution my friend.

#posh share;

Hahaha the first picture is hilarious. It definetely looks like an angry pigeon. The head is so small in comparison with its body. Very funny looking.

Loved the little squirrel!

Thank you and yeah, that guy looks a bit upbeat:)

A very strong pigeon that lives in the mountains my friend.
They are a couple that come to eat here in our garden every day and you can see the two of them in a picture lower down, having lunch between two ringneck doves.

Warrior pigeon haha. There is a bit of Braveheart spirit in this bird😂

Hahaha, now why didn't I think of that lol.
Yeah, even the smaller raptor birds stay away from them.
They are also very protective and that's why the ringneck doves befriend them.

Pigeon mafia😂

🤣 🤣 😘

hello dear friend @papilloncharity good afternoon
You are very right in what you say, it is true that one has many images off the hook that does not allow you to make a great post about it. I think this challenge is excellent.
I wish you a lot of success.
have a great night

Greetings to you Sir @jlufer

Thank you kindly and I am glad that you like the idea.
I will first have to see if I can find some prize sponsors, as I want to use the draw system to select the winning post every Wednesday!
Will have to see how it goes.
May you also have a good day/night!

how are you dear friend @ papilloncharity
That gets more and more interesting, although many times people participate in challenges, with nothing in return. There are many challenges that do not have any prize assigned and are doing very well.

have a great day

I am fine and hope that you are too @jlufer

Yes you are 100% correct and I have thought about it.
If we cannot find a sponsor, then we might do it the same way, depending on the interest shown.

Thank you for the kind advice.


There is nothing to thank dear friend @papilloncharity it is a real pleasure to accompany you.
Have a splendid afternoon

Now how would I answer this if I cannot thank you my friend hahaha.
You strike me as decent guy and it's a pleasure to know you!
May you also have a great afternoon @jlufer

That's a good idea @papilloncharity especially if you are able to get a sponsor for a prize, that would give people more incentive.
I would like to have it as an option either way.
Hope it's a go!
Loved your photo especially of the squirrel - made me grin!

Greetings to you Lady @porters.
I am still investigating the idea and asking advice so we will have to wait and see if it would be feasible.
Glad that you liked the squirrel my dear friend.