Early morning and afternoon silhouettes!

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Early Autumn and great silhouetting photo opportunities in the faded light!

I just had an unexplainable urge today to post silhouettes and the reason for it might be that dark steemit cloud that we all have hanging above us lately.
But we are still alive and kicking and the show must go on.
Come and join us here to see how the shadows dance across the sky.
Let's have a look!

We start with the early morning first!


A bleak sky covered the sun and you can see how faded the mountains look here!


A Silhouetted crow diving in to attack a falcon circling in the crow's territory!

Now we go to the late Afternoon!


Camera set on "Low Light", as you can see the sun covered here above!


But at least I got two shots of the Heron in silhouette, this one and the first picture!


I waited for this dove to fly into the circle of light background!


This guy took a short cut over my head Lol!


Shame he is missing some tail feathers, it is difficult here with all of the predators!


A beautiful show in tandem, as this couple flies homeward bound!


Some late passengers traveling in a flying Sardine can!


And finally, a family enjoying the warm last rays of the sun!

And That's All Folks!

Life is not easy, but nature has a way to bring about a certain calmness to her lovers. Things might look dim, but within seconds it can be gone and then the light re-appears. Each of the birds that we see here know that and they have faith in their trust that the morning light will return. They just know.
And even if the morning arrives blackened by storm, they will simply sit it out in endurance, still knowing that the light will return.

We have all seen this in our lives tempested by stormy troubles. One might cry for a day, a month, or any other duration, but sooner or later the light returns. I have seen a guy walk in barefoot, down and out into our charity to participate in the free computer training course and I have heard him honking a greeting as he passed us in his own car a year later.
Life might look as bleak at the moment like the mountains in this post, but I guarantee you tomorrow, or the next day or whenever, I will shoot a picture of the clear granite stone again.
Just so it is in our own lives, the sun will shine again.
Think about it!

Note; All pictures are my own, unedited and only dropped for uploading purposes.
Camera used; Canon Powershot SX60 HD. Setting; "Low Light"

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting @papilloncharity


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Very true @papilloncharity, so many of us are facing storms not just here in the cryoto world, but the sun always shines again!
We're currently on holiday in the beautiful Western Cape, a much needed break but not much time for steeming, also not very good internet!

Thank you Lady Lizelle.
So you are now here in our paradise. Whereabouts are you guys?
Best is to ask the locals for the good internet connecting spots.
I remember when we moved here two years ago and we had the same problem on the farms. I saw some guys with 4 wheel quads gathering on a farm dam wall regularly and I thought that they had prayer meetings. So I stopped the one guy on his way past us and he told me that it was the best internet connecting spot for mobile phones.
Life is tricky my friend and hope that you find a solution.
Blessings and welcome!

Thank you @papilloncharity! We were 20km from Swellendam, lovely historic area, now in Struisbaai in a fisherman's cottage. With the loadshedding during the week, the wifi was bad and my mobile data is depleting way too fast! The Cape is stunning indeed!

Ah! As I thought and we also stayed there in one of the cottages. Would your cottage owners perhaps be Christa and Mike?
Don't forget to take shots of the two giant stingrays that swim around in the harbor and enjoy my friend.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

We're staying in one of the Dream Vacations cottages, really lovely! Saw the one stingray yesterday;)

Ah! So beautiful. My friend Mike told me about them, but I have not had a chance yet to get at them. Most of my time there was taken up with the early sun rises over the ocean and the amazing sunsets!
How long are you guys staying there?


  ·  4 months ago (edited)

We leave on Monday, would love to have stayed longer but we're needed back at Lily's Cottage;) Your Cape is beautiful indeed!
Lovely sunrise!

Forgive that late reply my friend. Struggling to keep up with things over here. Such a pity as we could have come to Struisbaai on Wednesday.
But such is life.

Oh how I love your photos of birds in flight! Especially the dove and heron!
Thanks for sharing your photos and uplifting message!

Thank you my friend. I saw the moonshots and the snow shots in your post and our cameras can certainly do the tricks, as they were excellent shots.
I always try to post positive stuff as it is how my mind works. Anchored in hope.

WOw what awesome silhouette shots Love them all

have a great day


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Thank you my friend and also for the kind token.
It seems that everyone is tied up in the #steemtakeover business and there's no time to vote on posts!
Blessings to you guys and have a good Friday!

With the crash in values of crypto it seems to be a ghost town on here at the moment,

Blessing to you my friend

Just like silhouettes on here JJ. A huge amount has disappeared and I read a post by an investor querying why and how so much has gone.
If he doesn't know then I have no way of knowing. We will just watch the explanatory posts appearing somewhere I hope.

I still remain hopeful it will bounce back with time

Same here my friend, once this Tron thing has sorted itself out.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you for the kind support, and blessings to you guys.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Swooping over no time to stop, amazing photography of birds on the move.

"Sunshine always follows a dark night." ~ African Proverb

Glad that you liked the photos my dear friend. Just thought that I would put together the silhouettes to show that nothing is a true reality for us in this world. Change is a constant, and every day we get older Lol.

Learning to keep up with constant change does become exhausting, silhouettes of a recent past, or future!

Totally agreed Lady Joan, a dual medium here in the post.

Fantastic silhouette photos!I particularly love the birds in the tree. Thanks for posting these to #featheredfriends! ❤️. !Tip

Thank you Lady Melinda and glad that I am remembering the #featheredfriends tag when I post.
You really don't need to tip me for the posts, as it is free due to you already helping us on auto-vote.
Blessings and thank you again!

I enjoy sharing the wealth via tips to great and supportive bird posts! ❤️ I just feel that I am doing what I can to help Steem remain a great community!

Like I said before, you are a wonderful person with a great heart and I am glad that we are friends. This is nor sweet talk as I am genuine.

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