Come and be amazed!

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A squirrel post like no other that you have seen before!

Come and count the squirrels in our garden with me this morning!

But first, I want to show you something special! A Gif that I made!

Tired, as she had a new set of babies, her little stomach full, she fell asleep while eating the nuts. At my cough she jerked awake! GifMaker_20201019125925697.gif
Right let's start the count, as here below we had 2 squirrels!


And then we had 3 squirrels. Note that the dove doesn't count 🤣
The third squirrel is at the left bottom corner.


But things were getting crowded, as here we had 4 Squirrels!


Wow! We ended with 5 squirrels and there's another 2, but they didn't appear on the floor today!


This little one picked another spot in the sunshine!


Finally, here is the palm tree guy that also didn't appear at the party on the floor. I have shown him before and look how he has grown!


And That's All Folks!


All of the squirrels in this post are knows as "Grey Squirrels", but there is another type of squirrel here that we look forward to seeing!

The Cape Ground Squirrel!



You can see more about the Cape Ground Squirrel at the {Source] link!

And That's All Folks!

The lady in the tag photo of this post and Gif is the mother of all of the squirrels in the post and the reason why she doesn't sit and eat is that she is resting her teats on the warm cement, as she has just had another litter of babies.
So, soon we will have some more additions to our little squirrel nation here.
We are waiting in anticipation for the new small ones to appear, as they are cute and funny in their efforts to copy the adults!

We leave you with this below!

“Health is the new wealth. Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Kindness is the new cool” —Syed Balkhi

Note: Except for the sourced photo, all of the other photos and the gif are my own.
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HS

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All blessings to your work!

Oh my word how the family has grown, no wonder mom is tired taking cat naps while down eating Stephen.

Well done on your GIF, naughty cough to disturb this lovely little lady!

Cape Ground Squirrels have such wonderful tails, look forward to seeing them soon!

@tipu curate

Thank you Lady Joan and we could never have imagined this when we arrived here.
One little girl resulted in a small crowd and we are delighted.
I had the Canon on the sports setting, so it takes a double shot of every item and the two photos in the Gif came out perfect to do the gif.

Oh yeah, I cannot wait to get hold of the ground squirrels on my camera.
Your holiday should be just about done?

Blessings and thank you for the tip!

Thank you kindly for the Twitter share my dear friend!

Awwww again so so cute! Your posts make me smile!

Thank you Lady Mary and glad that I can bring some joy to you!

Haha, great, I have never seen so many squirrels on one place at the same time 😀 and I love the palm tree guy. He looks so cool with his head down on the tree 😎

The ground squirrels will be interesting, hope you can manage to see and photograph them, Zac 😊

Cheers and !BEER

I think that you know that the palm tree guy is my favorite Hannes.
He is a shy little guy and I have been watching him since he was small. Blossoming now into a real handsome guy, but still keeps to himself.
Only once with much patience, sitting still and dropping the nuts one by one could I get him close to me, but since then he has kept his distance. You can't believe the speed that he can go up and down on that palm trunk and he can basically run at speed around the trunk when chasing another squirrel on his trunk.
Yeah, he is a real cool squirrel that one!

Cheers and thanks!

Yeah, it's always these special ones, which don't come close, that are the interesting ones ;)
I like this squirrel too, because he's a bit like me, although I wouldn't climb upside down on a tree 🤣 lol

Cheers and !BEER

Totally agreed and he reminds me much about myself in his ways lol.
Hahaha, not even Superman can climb sideways and upside down at speed at the same time my friend. This little guy is an athlete of note!

Cheers and thanks!

Yes, he's a little SuperSquirrel 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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These squirrels look larger than the ones that are here - like chihuahuas :D

I haven't seen your ones yet, but am sure that you will snap them at one stage or another. Or have you and I have forgotten perhaps?
Our little ones are all fat because of all the nuts that Marian feeds them lol.
Problem is that peanut plants are jumping up all over the place where the squirrels hid them and forgot about them.
Soon, I will become a peanut merchant :)

I have got one or two photos over the years, but nothing great.

Problem is that peanut plants are jumping up all over the place where the squirrels hid them and forgot about them.

I have heard that they forget where 80% of their nuts are or something like that !

You will get them when smallsteps starts feeding them lol.

Yeah it must be true judging by the amount of plants that are emerging here.
Thank you for sharing and for your support on the post and I hope that you show the gif to smallsteps!

Btw. I read your post about the flagging and chose not to reply in an angry mood, as you know our history about people downvoting a charity due to a Sbi donation that they received.
One good thing that came out of it is that the downvoters are now voting on our posts.

Let's hope that the same happens to you, even though you didn't even post in there!

I showed her :)

Don't worry too much about the flagging, they come and go. I expect it since I have been around a while and am rarely quiet, so become a target in some way. It is part of the game.

Good then I am happy that she saw it!

Nah! I believe in whatever we get, that it should be deserved and if not, then it's a problem that needs to be sorted out. But then again, if it is some whale or any other with vast riches, then there is nothing that one can do about it.

The tomato thieves are multiplying! Don't mind me, I've had a grudge matching going with squirrels ever since I started growing a garden (I like them just fine as long as they're elsewhere). Quite the congregation you've got going there, I don't think I've ever seen that many in one small area outside of a college campus. Speaking of which, have you ever seen an albino squirrel? Until the hawks became aware of it we had several albino squirrels running around my old university.

Those Cape Ground Squirrels look like the ground squirrels I ran into in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado but with a gray squirrel's tail grafted on. Can't wait to see the photos when you meet the cape ones, those are some interesting critters!

Sorry about your garden damages my friend and the grey squirrels are viewed as pests across Europe.
Cecil Johan Rhodes brought them here during his governmentship of the Western Cape and since then the squirrels have been giving many farmers grey hairs.

Yeah, I have seen an albino squirrel and they are sought after here by both the predator birds and mankind's pet merchants.

Soon we will travel to our piece of the desert in the Northern Cape to go and have a look at the ground squirrels.
They are definitely interesting critters.

Thank you for the visit!

A lot of squirrels, they are so funny and cute to watch. I do enjoy when they come up on our deck for a bite to eat, the most I have seen of our squirrels is 3 at one time. I think the grey jays are keeping them away although I have seen both the grey jays and the squirrels all eating on the deck at the same time.

That was a nice gif, and a great close up of mamma squirrel.

Thank you and yeah, soon we will have even more. We discovered this morning that the momma squirrel is not warming here teats, but that she is pregnant, as she struggles to climb onto my wife's arm.
Squirrels are sassy creatures and even the cats here don't mess with them. Maybe the gray jays are only protecting their territory when there is not a lot of food.

Glad that you liked the gif and thank you kindly for the visit!

Squirrel City! Sam would be in there like a squirrel's bad dream :)

The Cape Ground Squirrels look a lot like ours except the tail here is much smaller and flatter with stripes on it.

My brother kept finding Sunflowers in odd places in his yard...

Hahaha, yeah Sam would have hysterics lol.
I would like to see your squirrels Sir Tom and maybe your brother should have just left the sunflowers to grow hahaha.
Free labor and he could have become a sunflower oil merchant!

I love these cute and fuzzy like cutie-pies and there amazingly smart I love the squirrels

Thank you and I am glad that you liked the post my friend.

¡Que preciosos animalitos! En donde vivo, rara ver puedo ver ardillas, así que conseguir una publicación que las retrate tan hermosamente, me encanta. Saludos y bendiciones.

What precious little animals! Where I live, I rarely see squirrels, so getting a post that portrays them so beautifully, I love it. Greetings and blessings.

Greetings also to you and thank you for the English translation my friend.
I am glad that you loved the squirrels and comments like yours only reminds me about how blessed we are to have so many of them.

Blessings and !BEER

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I can attract nearly a dozen of squirrels in the winter, with peanuts :)

Good news indeed.
We have a squirrel family living here, but there's only 7 currently in the family.
The mother comes to take nuts out of our pockets 🙂

I had to slow down on feeding them, there were just too many of them during the summer. Blue jays too wanted some of those peanuts lol. Now I get a few squirrels with less food at their disposable. They're already fattened and ready for the winter.

So good that you helped them to fatten up for winter and I am sure that squirrels have also buried some nuts for stock in winter.
In Spring they will all be back and want food for their babies lol.