At last! Our first full winter rain!

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IMG_4733 1.JPG

The bleak sun in the picture above shows that the rain and the snow have arrived.

A time that all of the farmers are waiting for, as the first winter rain will tell how much water is to be expected during the whole winter season. By the looks of it, this is going to be a very wet season and it's great news as the western province is still recovering from a severe drought.
So, we are wet and we are in lockdown.

IMG_4758 1.JPG

Sun in the sky and sun on the ground in a rain puddle!


Look how happy Sally is in that puddle. Her eggs are laid and now for the next few weeks she will only come for supper every day.

IMG_4721 1.JPG

Clouds at the mountains appear to be rising from the earth!

IMG_4712 1.JPG

We heard the cries of this wet and hungry little youngster!

IMG_4718 1.JPG

"Please, oh please", "can't you see that I need a few nuts"!

IMG_4743 1.JPG

This guy in the hanging flower pot had another idea!

IMG_4744 1.JPG

What do you think that he was doing in the pot?

IMG_4747 1.JPG

Yep! He stashed some nuts in the pot and now is the right time to get them!


A lone dove cruising across the cold afternoon sky!


Sickle moon travelling high above the cold clouds!


They will have another wet and cold dark night.

We moved here to the Western Cape Province on the 6th of July, 2018.
Right smack bang in the coldest month and we stayed in a cottage with a leaking roof on an apple farm. The stove's grate was broken and I had to make a fire outside every night to keep us warm. After about 6 months we moved to a nearby town, where we rented a place until this cottage became available for us to buy.

So, this will be our first winter here and I must say that it started well, as the roof is not leaking lol. Nothing like a solid downpour to reveal the shortcomings of a property and thankfully we haven't found any yet. I am at the moment tinkering again with some of our charity projects to suit them for maximum service delivery capacity in the new emergency situations brought about by the covid virus.
Let's hope that the winter will be kind to us with plenty of water!

And That's All Folks!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and cropped for uploading.
Camera used: Canon SX60HS

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Here we are having a warm Springtime and we are ready to enjoy the Summer :D Every time I think about the different seasons in different parts of the world it's like something magical :D

Strange isn't it? We can explain it and we know why it happens, but it is still so strange when I talk about winter and you are in summer:)
Magical indeed!

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Stunning photography! Loved it.

Thank you and glad that you liked it!

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Squirrels seem to get about everywhere!

That they do my friend. Crafty little critters.

Gorgeous photos my friend, I love the one of the puddle, just amazing! Welcome rain for you, I do hope you get plenty of it this year although it must be bitterly cold there now! We're even having a cold spell and some rain here in Durban.
Stay warm and safe!

Thank you Lady Lizelle and I am happy with the cold.
Yes, the old knee injury and some other battle scars are acting up,but I am used to it and simply ignore them.
Nothing like breathing in an ice cold draught of pure mountain air.
Take care my dear friend!

The cold came creeping up through the hills yesterday around midday, snow on the mountains is a great sign for a wet winter to nourish the earth once again.

Crisp blue skies heralded the day in today, so here is wishing you a great one Stephen.

Rain gave us a wee bit of a break today Lady Joan.
Beautiful cloud formations lured us out of the house, but tomorrow it's 100% rain again. Very happy for the farmers and the dam levels. I just cannot understand why the water departments cannot capitalize on the abundance by creating new storage dams.

The day was cold and great and hope that your Thursday will be good!

We got about 1mm of rain with all the cold, love cold spells they are invigorating. Still chilly this morning, warming up already to shorts and slip-slops for rest of the day.

Still raining heavily here, but should start to clear up during the night. Then 3 clear days of sunshine before the next bout arrives.
Yay! Monday we will be on the beach, level 3 of lockdown.