A new delightful discovery early this morning!

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I was determined that no cop would stop us on our way this morning!

On our way to buy 3 bulk bags of rice for the feeding scheme. They contacted us in a panic, saying they had almost run out and if Papillon could help. Arriving at the wholesale trader, there was a queue of shoppers stretching from here to Timbuktu and no way were we going to join that queue. We are still under lockdown and no reason to go and look for "Virus" trouble.
But on our way back we discovered this below!


Not what you think, but have a look further!


Here it is, the famous "Thirsty Oyster Tavern", I have heard about the place but never knew where it was.
Meantime it is about 6 kilometers from us at the harbor and right next to the Navy College.


Here you can see the guy with the surfboard on the deck at the right hand side of the photo.
Apparently this is the drinking hole of all the seafarers and the sailors. I am sure that the "Hemmingway's" of the oceans also gather here.


A sign in the window reads; "No Alcohol, no cash in these premises".
Yes it is a pub, but it is closed now under lockdown.
Over here we have criminals going around and looting shops.
If they think that there's cash or alcohol here they will most certainly ransack the place and steal all of the stock inside.
The bad thing is, in order to leave no fingerprints, they simply burn the places down when they are done!

IMG_3280 2_LI.jpg

How's this old Austin Cab parked in front of the place?
I wonder how many and who of the "who's who" this old car transported!


Finally we were on way back home and the views were really great.

I am both a mountain and an ocean lover, as some of you must have noticed by now. So tomorrow we will go out again (with no traveling permit) to collect the bags of rice. Surely I am going to get and show you some pictures of the harbor.
Everything is locked up at the harbor due to the lockdown, but the fence looks very vulnerable in a few places. Many yachts and boats in there just begging and pleading for some photos Lol.
Until tomorrow stay well!

We hope that you have enjoyed the photos and I cannot wait to see the inside of the place.

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.
Camera used; Canon Powershot SX60HS

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That restaurant looks pretty nice but reading what risks the owner has with folks busting in and stealing money and alcohol, and then burning the building down, I get the note on the window. Sad to see how sometimes humans act worse than animals.

Many people are desperate my friend, as they have nothing and they live in crowded tin shacks with no lights and water.
The criminals know this and they use the people to raid the places.
Afterwards they give them a little bit of money and then they sell the stolen goods at huge profit mark ups.

That's really sad.

Oh yeah, human nature is sad my friend!

It's crazy, people taking advantage of these trying times to rob places, the place looks nice though. Looking forward to your photos tomorrow.

Oh yeah, crazy indeed my friend.
Everyone has to be very careful around here.
Hope that the photos will not disappoint you tomorrow.
Thank you and take care!

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Love the style and falir of that place it has such character, good luck for tomorrow to get some rice

Like I said in the previous reply, it was done JJ and I will do a post about the feeding tomorrow.

Lovely photos! The Thirsty Oyster looks like a place I would enjoy visiting. It's a shame about the break-ins and looting. We've had some of that here in Victoria as well.

Sad that you also have it there, but the darkness in people surfaces across the globe at times like these. We have even had an attempt to get into the store here at our place - in the complex.

I've heard that street drugs are in short supply driving prices higher and this has lead to increased robberies.

Oh yeah, the black market is thriving during times like this, Prices have tripled and a one cigarette here goes for $1
Not a packet, one single cigarette. $20 for a pack.
Smoking is banned under the lockdown rules.

Those who ransack or steal reached the point where they determined they have nothing to lose. Under these circumstances, things could easily escalate and have violence on the streets. When people have nothing to put on their table to feed their children, things change dramatically. Stay safe!

A look at these figures taken some years ago will give you a better picture about the problems that we face here my friend.

Note that these figures were taken in Census 2011. Next Census in 2021.

Total population; 59,209,961.Million.
Life Expectancy; 64.88 Years old.
Racial Classification;
Black African; 79.2%
Indian/Asian; 3.0%
Colored; 8:9%
White; 8.9%

The danger is our poverty count was: 55.5% in 2015.

These are obviously the unhappy souls and talk is that they might soon start to create havoc in the country.

It is going to be interesting what the new census totals will be in 2021.
We also had a huge influx of about 3 to 4 million refugees.

This link will show you a more detailed view on the poverty situation.


looks like an awesome place where you live there! I miss the ocean so much!!! but where are the helicopter thingies and kitesurfers??? :D

We are under lockdown at the moment, so no kitesurfers or helicopters.
The local airfield is nearby and when we are allowed to go out again I will do another post again.
There are older posts on my blog about the surfers and the helicopters:)

you are under complete lockdown? no going to the beach allowed? Cool -looking forward to it. Havent seen the older ones.

Everything closed my friend!