A bleeding heart, or a hardened heart!

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Late in my life I have discovered that I should have been a doctor!

Or maybe a veterinarian, as countless times mother nature has brought her sick ones to me. As a child on the farm I got a good scrubbing for hiding a sick little lamb under my bed. But like I said it has never stopped and not a season goes by that I don't get one or two "patients".
The message has been passed on to me, but my interests were always focused elsewhere.


This guy came running straight at me. I had no food and only the camera, so I don't know what attracted him, as the other birds ignored me.


Inspection time methinks as we stood eye to eye!


What was that, he turned and he curtsied. Actually bowed and I was stunned.


Turned to survey the area around him!


And finally look how he lands with only 1 foot!


This was taken at our last outing, as for the past two days, the rain has kept us solidly locked up.

This is what it looked like today and somebody has stolen the mountain!


Farmers are walking around with big smiles and everybody is talking about our first big winter rains. Two days straight now and the sound of pelting rain on our roof at night lulls us into sleep.
Knowing that the next morning everything is going to be glistening wet and rushing to feed our varied tribe of wild residents.

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And That's All Folks!

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Hi @papilloncharity reading your post made me smiled to be honest, I felt you love for mother nature as it seems, BTW your photography is at another level, they look great

I'd be really grateful if you'll check this post of mine please.


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Your messages keep on getting better my dear Liz.
Thank you kindly!😂

Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

@qurator Team and @ackhoo, a special thank you for this honor.
Blessings to your work.

Hah! Just like cats always know cat-people... and dogs always know doggy-people.... I guess they, all animals, know animal doctors when they see one! :) At least a good soft-hearted one... :)

Cheers, my friend... and keep safe!

Great to see you again my dear friend.
Thank you for the kind words and the support.

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An angel disguised as a human, I know already what your answer will be;) What happened to the little sick lamb? Thank you for sharing your beautiful world and the creatures with us!

Stuck to my guns with that little lamb, so to appease me they had a vet have a look at him. End of the story is that the lamb survived. Lol.
Glad that you enjoy my world Lady Lizelle.
Thank you and take care!

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Ah, our hero @hafizullah, thank you for the kind support!