My Last Trip To The Lake (For The Summer)

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     I'm very fortunate to live near a lake. Going there is never a disappointment. There are so many things to film and, at the very least, I'll see ducks! It's a win-win situation. These are some of the highlights from my last trip of this past summer.

LakeThingsDucks2.jpgDucks! As promised.



     I might as well start off with said ducks. They were plentiful that day, my friends. There were ducks on land, in the water, and in the air...


     The courtship rituals of some birds include plenty of head bobbing. I happened to catch these two mallards in the middle of a little courting activity...


     Unfortunately, this date was cut short by a rather rude gull who crash landed the party. The male mallard was certainly not pleased and gave the intruder an earful. Embarrassed by it's behavior, the gull flew off shortly after...


     After the gull was gone, the mallards decided a change in scenery was necessary. Now, some ducks are known to dive underwater for food. But, given the harrowing experience these two just had, I don't want to jump to any conclusions. One can only speculate as to what these love birds were doing beneath the undulating surface of the lake...


     Mallards are dabbling ducks. This means they generally eat at or near the surface of water. A dabbling duck can often be seen tipped upside down in the water with their butts sticking out. A sight that always makes me smile. I love seeing those feet kicking to keep them in that position. These ducks must have been practicing their synchronized dabbling...


     As shown earlier, gulls were also very active that day. It was very windy and they were struggling to fly against it. I was also struggling to get good video of them. They kept dive bombing the water's surface, coming close to it before pulling back up...



     However, the fun and games couldn't last forever. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, there appeared a monstrous, serpent-like creature. I estimate it to be at least 50 feet long. It moved through the water at a frightening speed devouring everything in it's path.

     It could also be a branch from a tree that's fallen into the lake. To know for sure, I'll need to conduct more research, write a few books, make a documentary, and star in my own reality show. Only then, will we know the truth...


     The lake monster was actually my second most terrifying experience that day. When one walks into the realm of wild animals, the potential for danger is always there.

     From behind me, and above, I heard a loud chittering or chirping. A sound I was unfamiliar with. I turned my head to see what kind of bird was making such a noise. When my eyes locked onto it's source, I turned as pale as a ghost. Staring down at me from about 20 feet away was this...


     I had accidentally wandered into a squirrel's lair. One false move and it would leap onto my face and gnaw my eyes out. Or worse. I slowly raised my camera hoping it would think it was a gun. It must have worked as my adversary then moved further up the tree and, eventually, out of sight...

     It reappeared briefly, just to let me know that it was always  watching...



     All in all, it was another eventful trip to the lake. Wherever we are, we are surrounded by nature. It's always trying to communicate with us. Take time to notice. #NoticeNature.

All gifs and images are my own unless otherwise stated.

Here's the full video...


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You're lucky you came away from an encounter with a ferocious squirrel unscathed! Many a last word have been, "Oh! look at the cute squir..." 😱

I'm betting it scampered up the tree so that you wouldn't have any evidence on camera. 😉

Nope. No evidence. There were a lot of these weird white sticks scattered about. One even looked like a finger. But, sadly no evidence.

White sticks, huh? 🤔 Funny how innocent pieces of wood can look like so many things. Fingers, lake monsters....

I see where you're going here. Looks like I'll have to write a couple more books and make another documentary.

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Ove this post! I lived by a lake growing up and up north, they have Loons. State bird beside the mosquito where I lived LOL! But now I can hear their song 🤗

Thanks witty!

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I really enjoyed viewing your gifs and photos. Nature really is amazing!

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Thank you for the kind words and the info about the communities. I'll definitely use Amazing Nature for my future nature posts.

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