Memories of a Marathoner...2009

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Wish i still have my medal, some jackasses burgled my apartment in 2014 and stole it along with some other stuffs. It was one of my physical achievement if you ask me, I was a trooper back in 2009, super fit and I had dreamt of winning my city Marathon organised by a Telecommunication company Globacom. A half city-wide marathon that was hyped for months, it was been promoted online, in the media and all, I had forgotten that I registered to run that race and dreamt of winning the price money of $50,000 without practising even one bit which i never won!



Luckily, a friend hinted me that I need to get my kits for the race on a Tuesday while the race was on a Saturday, so in the kits was the hand band, as shown above, a pair of shorts and a singlet. The only surviving kit was the hand band which I stumbled upon over the weekend, so, I had to wear it to the Gym to showcase it.

On the D-day of winning $50,000, I woke up by 6 am to hit the road and get to the Start point, but you will be shocked the crowd of racers that greeted me with more still trooping in.



Maybe I made the 1000th or 1500th, I wouldn't know, but I got a medal which was stolen from me a year later. That medal and a certificate of participation were so precious to me and I showcased it over and over again.

But for over a week more, I was indoor ridden and couldn't move a muscle until like the fifth day. The reason is that I never trained even for a day for the marathon and I finished it right from the starting point till the finish. So after I could move, I went to claim my accolades at the Nearest Globacom office, even though I didn't get all my gift; I'm still somewhat proud of my feat till date because I ran from start to the finish line!