OCD Daily: Issue #713

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OCD DAILY - Issue #713

Welcome to the 713th issue of @OCD Daily!

Issue #713 highlights content from six (6) Hive Content Creators! The OCD team continues its search throughout Hive to find you the undervalued gems, as provided by relatively new users.

Today our curators found six (6) new pieces of original content! We strive to find works that are created by newer Hive users, that may not have the audience with which to share their quality content. @OCD strives to help provide that audience and intends to showcase Hive users who put in the extra effort to create creative, original content.

The @OCD nomination process

A curator will FIND a piece of work (typically from newer users). Within 24 hours that piece has been submitted from the curator to the @OCD team, curator votes are tallied, and the pieces with the most votes are included in the compilation.

We encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Hivers your support and encouragement.

If you enjoyed their work, give them a Follow or maybe even say Hello!

All of the content chosen by our curators is undervalued, but there is always one piece that rises to the top. That piece is universally appreciated and valued by our curators making it OCD’s Top Nomination of the Day.


Our top nomination of the day is from @dkkarolien

@dkkarolien shares some bittersweet news about how her life is changing. Her husband has been offered a better job but that means leaving behind some special friendships that she has gained while living on the island.

Curated by @crosheille

Winds of change


Our next nomination of the day is from @braaiboy

A cool video about a burger recipe that might be the best burger recipe in the world. Take a look at the @braaiboy's burger version!

Curated by @anggreklestari

Is this the world's best burger recipe?


Our next nomination of the day is from @jicrochet

@jicrochet shows us a cool DIY project that involved recycling some materials to make a creative and beautiful food cover.

Curated by @jznsamuel

Reciclaje más tejido Tapa comida [ESP] / Recycling plus weaving Food lid [ENG]


Our next nomination of the day is from @travelingmercies

Here's a story from @travelingmercies on how she ran 10km straight and the lesson she learned. She also emphasized that " the goal is very important, that's but I think the process is important as well"

Curated by @macchiata

Running 10km straight, a tale and what it taught me


Our next nomination of the day is from @artureinseberg

This short story is beautifully written, short sentences working alternately to create a sense of displacement and suspense as James wakes in his bed with scant memory of who he is. James woke up in a bed. Above his head was a white ceiling, all white except ...

Curated by @riverflows

Forest Robot


Our final nomination of the day is from @generikat

Rarely buying coffee, @generikat shared fun facts about small pieces of life while buying coffee at Careywood Coffee Company in Athol, Idaho.

Curated by @anggreklestari

Delightful Diversions


This concludes today’s edition of the OCD Daily. We would like to congratulate the featured authors as well as those nominated.
We hope you were able to take away something different, fresh, and new from these posts, provided by the @ocd curators.

The OCD team would also like to thank those that strive to make a difference. As anyone can create a post but only some can create/build value.

Stop by tomorrow for another edition of OCD Daily!

Keep up the great work creating original content.

You never know when @ocd may be around :)

Today's post was authored by @macchiata

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Thank you for the support. :)

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