OCD Daily: Issue #592

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OCD DAILY - Issue #592

Welcome to the 592nd issue of @OCD Daily!

Issue #592 highlights content from five (5) Hive Content Creators! The OCD team continues its search throughout Hive to find you the undervalued gems, as provided by relatively new users.

Today our curators found five (5) new pieces of original content! We strive to find works that are created by newer Hive users, that may not have the audience with which to share their quality content. @OCD strives to help provide that audience and intends to showcase Hive users who put in the extra effort to create creative, original content.

The @OCD nomination process

A curator will FIND a piece of work (typically from newer users). Within 24 hours that piece has been submitted from the curator to the @OCD team, curator votes are tallied, and the pieces with the most votes are included in the compilation.

We encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Hivers your support and encouragement.

If you enjoyed their work, give them a Follow or maybe even say Hello!

All of the content chosen by our curators is undervalued, but there is always one piece that rises to the top. That piece is universally appreciated and valued by our curators making it OCD’s Top Nomination of the Day.


Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 9.56.10 am.png

Our top nomination of the day is from @karishmasingh711

Who likes origami? Check out tutorial by @karishmasingh711 on how to make a cute rose. Great last minute gift or surprise a loved one!

Curated by @Travelgirl

Paper Rose- 🖤DIY & Tutorial 🖤


Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 10.01.15 am.png

Our next nomination of the day is from @outlinez

@outlinez went for an outing with friends, and shares several beautiful photographs from his eventful cycling trip.

Curated by @jznsamuel

Cycling - swimming - cycling - very tired | MARC #393

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 10.09.13 am.png


Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 10.03.02 am.png

Our next nomination of the day is from @arrliinn

@arrliinn prepared a delicious homemade chocolate cake that her kids really enjoyed, and shares the recipe she followed as well as some pics.

Curated by @jznsamuel

Birthday Cake 2/2: Fudgy Chocolate Cake with Oreo Cookies | Recipe


Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 10.05.00 am.png

Our next nomination of the day is from @driptorchpress

@driptorchpress shares some art and some very personal thoughts on the struggles the world is facing. Even though there is so much going on in the world between riots and pandemics, he reminds us that we are all in this together and we are going to make it through it.

Curated by @derangedvisions



Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 10.06.14 am.png

Our final nomination of the day is from @alarconzeu

@alarconzeu shares a lovely illustration of a tattooed girl. The artist has spent time on the details which make the drawing interesting.

Curated by @jznsamuel

Tatoo Girl - Traditional Drawing


This concludes today’s edition of the OCD Daily. We would like to congratulate the featured authors as well as those nominated.
We hope you were able to take away something different, fresh, and new from these posts, provided by the @ocd curators.

The OCD team would also like to thank those that strive to make a difference. As anyone can create a post but only some can create/build value.

Stop by tomorrow for another edition of OCD Daily!

Keep up the great work creating original content.

You never know when @ocd may be around :)

Today's post was authored by @Travelgirl

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WOW Thanks for the nomination I'm honored 🙇

Thank you for noticing these exquisite pieces of content, I will make sure to take a closer look!

I keep seeing a grey square as cover image.

I like the neutral stance, but I want to old one back.

weird, the cover image is supposed to be an animation on peakd otherwise it's the normal one on hive. i can see it just fine.



must be a peakd thing or brave app thing to save data since it is .gif perhaps the first frame is a grey box?

Thanks for the nomination! ☺️

Thank you so much😊 @ocd community and the @travel girl for the top nomination of the day🖤. I just like a miracle for me to be selected by the ocd community😊.
Thank you so much everyone😉! Its a great pleasure to be nominated by ocd community.

Wow! This is a very nice community....i really didn't know this community was this active even when tagging it on my introductory post. I really hope to connect with members of this community. I really appreciate the effort and love being shown here. I really wish to learn alot here and participate in whatever there's, hope to find a home here.