OCD Daily: Issue #518

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OCD DAILY - Issue #518

Welcome to the 518th issue of @OCD Daily!

Issue #518 highlights content from five (5) Steem Content Creators! The OCD team continues its search throughout Steem to find you the undervalued gems, as provided by relatively new users.

Today our curators found five (5) new pieces of original content! We strive to find works that are created by newer Steem users, that may not have the audience with which to share their quality content. @OCD strives to help provide that audience and intends to showcase Steem users who put in the extra effort to create creative, original content.

The @OCD nomination process

A curator will FIND a piece of work (typically from newer users). Within 24 hours that piece has been submitted from the curator to the @OCD team, curator votes are tallied, and the pieces with the most votes are included in the compilation.

We encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Steemians your support and encouragement.

If you enjoyed their work, give them a Follow or maybe even say Hello!

All of the content chosen by our curators is undervalued, but there is always one piece that rises to the top. That piece is universally appreciated and valued by our curators making it OCD’s Top Nomination of the Day.

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Our top nomination of the day is from @welshstacker

This is a great post from @welshstacker who spends a wet and windy weekend with his son 1/2 pint making steemmonters cards. What better way is there to bond with your child and play your favourite Steem game at the same time.

Curated by @LivingUKTaiwan

What wet and windy weekends are made for - @splinterlands top trump card making with 1/2pint




Our next nomination of the day is from @eugelys

@eugelys is a self taught baker who learnt to make amazing desserts, and she shares about her journey and the interesting dishes she's made.

Curated by @jznsamuel

Sweet Life | Cupcakes Memories | Vida dulce




Our next nomination of the day is from @lourdeshd6

@lourdeshd6 shares some really beautiful pictures of the interesting plant called Serrated Lavandula, along with details of what makes it special.

Curated by @jznsamuel

Lavender-scented // Con aroma a lavanda




Our next nomination of the day is from @carolinacardoza

A simple tutorial by @carolinacardoza showing you how to make a basket for trinkets and small things. She has provided great pictures and written a simple guide for those who want to give this project a go.

Curated by @travelgirl

A multipurpose basket, especially dedicated to women's day.


ink well nomination.png

The Ink Well is a friendly community for all of the poets and story tellers on the steem blockchain.


The Ink Well community nomination of the day is from @jayna

This is a great response to The Ink Well’s fiction prompt and involved story by @jayna which exhibits amazing characterization. I could feel myself really disliking the daughter Katrina and her clucking habit. Throughout the story jayna expertly puts us in the mind of the characters giving the reader insights into their relationships.

(>) Was it true that this was how teenagers developed complexes − because their mothers tried to help them become better people?

The characters of mother and daughter are nuanced and create a feeling of warmth for me the reader. Jayna expresses that constant bickering and motherly concern that most familial relationships develop into, maybe a little annoying for each party, but a sign of love.
There is a great twist at the end of this story where jayna fulfills the brief of my prompt perfectly by showing an annoying habit saving the day.

A really Great short story that I implore people to have a look at and read in full, you won’t be disappointed.

Curated by @raj808

El Tren - Flash Fiction


This concludes today’s edition of the OCD Daily. We would like to congratulate the featured authors as well as those nominated.
We hope you were able to take away something different, fresh, and new from these posts, provided by the @ocd curators.

The OCD team would also like to thank those that strive to make a difference. As anyone can create a post but only some can create/build value.

Stop by tomorrow for another edition of OCD Daily!

Keep up the great work creating original content.

You never know when @ocd may be around :)

Today's post was authored by @LivngUKTaiwan

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Thank you @ocd for the shout out and a massive thank you to @livinguktaiwan for the nomination. In these hard times, every upvote is more than welcomed, plus its always great to know my blogging is appreciated.

Thank you

You're welcome @welshstacker! Us OCD curators loved your post!! Say hi to 1/2 pint and 1/4 pint 😁

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Will do 👍

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Thanks a lot for this nomination :)

What a nice initiative ocd, I realized that many people in here have little enthusiasm about animals and wildlife generally. I hope to cause a little stir as regards that with time, hopefully! Once again, thanks and great one!