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So, let me preface this by saying that when gambling, you should always play responsibly. Adhere to the age limits each site has, and only play what you're willing to lose. Gambling can be highly addictive, and I would hate to see any readers dumping their hard-earned Hive chasing losses. If you are going to play, set yourself time limits and/or money limits and stick to them.

Now, with that said! I have, since the Steem split, tossed around a bit of Hive on the various sites that I know about - and I realized today that I haven't personally seen any comparisons done between the sites that offer gambling options.

So I lost some money cough did valuable research on the various sites that I'm aware of, and compiled a small list of some pros and cons for each of them that I would like to share with you all today.

This review covers:

For each site, I've come up with some pros and cons. At the very end of the post I'll give my personal opinion on what I find the most fun to use.

Pros for KryptoGamers:

  • 5 games available: Dice, Blackjack, Crash, Video Poker, Casino Wars.
  • Can bet either Steem or Hive.
  • Doesn't require a deposit, so you can bet directly from your wallet.
  • Has a Token you can earn betting.
  • Has an 'Insured Bet' at certain tiers of play, allowing risk-free bets of 10 Hive or less 1+ time(s) per day.
  • Staking your Gamer tokens allows you to earn Steem/Hive dividends. ("70% of the Profits calculated as per the house edge of each game")
  • As you bet more, you advance your 'Club' tier, and can earn bonus rewards on each bet.
  • Leaderboards & Leaderboard prizes (Assuming prizes to be GAMER Token)


  • Requires Steem keychain be installed to play most of the games.
  • Each bet (at least for me) required that I approve the transfer via Keychain, slowing down the process.
  • GAMER Tokens have limited use, despite integration with dcity, they are only available to be used as buybacks (minimum 10K Gamer tokens required), or for Staking on the site to get a share of dividends.

Other Notes:

  • Minimum bet is locked at 0.1 Hive. Maximum bet is capped at 400 Hive.
  • Site looks good, loads quickly, and play is fairly streamlined - but could improve with an option to make a deposit and thus avoid having to regularly approve bets in Keychain.

Overall, provides a fairly nice betting experience. The 'Crash' game is unique to this site, and one of my favorite options on Kryptogamers.

Next up - HiveSlotGames

  • Only site to provide 'demos' of the games that don't cost or reward bets.
  • Total of 6 different games. (2 slot games, Dice, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette.)
  • Most graphical and visual site of the 3.
  • Only site with signups for Hive available directly through it (Particularly relevant given their Twitter presence).
  • Lots of giveaway contests allowing users a chance to win extra Hive.


  • The site could load and work poorly if you don't have decent internet, due to the heavy use of images and the iframed game windows.
  • No Token available, and no bonuses for leaderboard ranks or 'tiers'.
  • Site has a few remaining sections that feel like unfished Steem ports. Some spots reference Steem still, such as the Top Wins section of your profile, despite all bets being Hive.

Other Notes:

  • Min bet is 0.1 Hive. Max bet varies per game type.

Overall, HiveSlotGames is by far the most graphically impressive of the bunch and is the only site that has Slot games and Roulette games. It's easy to use and games sound, look, and play fairly well in my experience.

Last, but not least, we come to HiveRoller.


  • Only site to provide direct investment into the site with manual leverage that lets you fund the bankroll and earn (or lose) as other gamblers win or lose.
  • Dedicated chat feature
  • Ability to bet multiple types of currency/tokens. Currently accepts Hive, HBD, PAL, BROS, NEOXAG, ARCHON, and DEGEN.
  • Has a site token that can be earned by betting.
  • Only site to offer a Hive Faucet and Hive Rain (Rain is a random showers of ~0.01 Hive across users)


  • One game at this time: Dice
  • Latest version is currently still in development, so there are some features that have been disabled pending the next update. (Faucet, and VIP)

Other Notes:

  • Lowest Min bet of all sites at 0.001 Hive(Or desired token). Max bet is limited by the amount invested per currency and the leverage of those investments.
  • Small withdrawl fee ($0.50 worth of selected token), which can be removed with the purchase of VIP.
  • DEGEN can be used to pay for VIP, buy different chat flairs, and bet.

Overall, Hive-Roller has a focus on (currently) one game, which it does in my opinion very well, and provides the fastest bets with the lowest amount of clicking-around required. I'm also a huge fan of the variety of tokens available to bet, and the ability to bank on the House Edge and earn via investment.

All in all, I think each site has some unique features and all of them are great options if you're interested in gambling some of your Hive (or other tokens). All 3 have some room for improvement, and things they could look at adding... but none of those things really detract from any of the sites. They're all a ton of fun in their own ways and I'm really impressed with all three.

So, if you're looking for a spot to do some light gambling, I hope that my little list here has provided you a bit of information so that you can make an informed choice about where you want to invest your time and money.

Play responsibly, if you play at all. That's it for me folks, have a great day.


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