Revisiting a Childhood Park in Troy, Ohio

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A Bit of Background

I was born in Dayton Ohio, but grew up all over the place being that my father was in the military.

There was a time when I was a kid that we weren't moving around quite as much and we ended up living in a town in Ohio called Troy. This happened to be at a point in my childhood when I was developing a lot of memories!

It is funny how the mind can play tricks on you, though. Things aren't always quite the way that you remember them! On the other hand, things may be pretty much exactly how you remember them and you are the one who has changed.

Of course there is a 3rd option, which is that you have changed and the thing you remember has changed... Quite a lot! Sometimes the thing that is interesting is the stuff that has stayed the same. Now that I've said a whole lot of nothing, I'd like to show you some photos of a park where I used to hang out at age 10 back in the 80s.


The most immediate thing that I notice that is different is that now the lake is completely surrounded by a fence. There was no fence before. In fact, there were no fences around any of the houses either. I used to sit on that spill-out and fish right there.

I suppose there are fences everywhere now. Artificial boundaries presumably for everyone's safety.


Now this is the hilarious part. All of the kids amusement items are still there. The exact same ones that were originally installed in the 70s! But, wow! They are completely buried under years of mulch buildup.


I thought I'd sit on the giraffe thing just to show how ridiculous it is. it is basically buried all the way up to the foot rest. You won't be rocking on this thing any time soon.


And yep - that's the exact same merry-go-round. I am simultaneously nostalgic and horrified when I see this thing. Oddly enough, it is completely solid. Crooked as hell, but totally solid! No wobbling at all.


The swing set and the slide are the same old 70s ghetto style rusty models as well. I can tell you one thing, though. There was no mulch back in the day. You crashed and burned in the old days.

I find it hilarious that they just keep piling mulch on top of mulch. It is easily over a foot deep at this point. On the swing they just keep making the chains shorter and shorter. It will be funny to see this place in another 10 years or so.


I will give the city one thing, though. This part is 100 times better maintained than it was back in 1985. There certainly were no landscaped stones when I was a kid.


There's my step-dad's wife watching him attempt to ride the merry-go-round very precariously. That was quite entertaining!


This is a new edition. Now they've added a basketball court! When I was last here, it was just an open field. I suppose that is progress! One thing that is a little sad to me is that there were no kids anywhere. The kids in that picture were my step-sister's. We were in town for over a week and I never saw more than one kid in the park. Growing up, this park with littered with kids running around.

I remember we used to bring cardboard and ghetto blasters and have break-dancing competitions here on a little section with pavement by the utility closet.


I have a little story about that little pavilion that we are sitting under in the background. When my big sister was about 15, this guy in the neighborhood decided that he was totally in love with her and spray painted her name all over the pavilion. He got caught by the police and they made his scrub it all off.

I guess it worked because my sis ended up having a kid with him. I never said she made the best decisions!


I imagine that sight oh him cleaning everything he painted 😂

Yeah, haha! I would have liked to have seen it. I was at school though.

The mulch build up is HILARIOUS @nuthman LOL and yes, returning to childhood places can have an odd feeling especially when it's a place not visited since younger and thus smaller, giving what was towering the feeling of now being quiet small. Like lilliput and Gulliver all rolled into one!

Yes. It certainly brought back a lot of strange emotions. Not very often do you go back to a place that has hardly changed in 40 years!

That looks like it was a really cool place for you to hang out! That is funny that they just keep piling the mulch on top of the old stuff. We went to a campground that had a merry-go-round like that about a year ago. Our nephews were constantly begging me to push them because apparently I did it the fastest. No one broke and arm and no one puked, so that is good!

man, I'm amazed they still have that merry-go-round though. It is full on 70s deadly. haha! Once it gets going, only an act of God can stop it. It's friggin solid. Also, that spring toy is super dangerous. Not so much now that it's buried in mulch. But when I was a kid, I used to get my pants pinched into the spring.

Oh what a lovely lovestory between your sister and her husband!

Yeah, it was soooo long ago. I remember her name was on it for about a week before he removed it. Everyone in the neighborhood saw it. hehe

A rebel romantic gesture...many girls would like that

Sweet! The first time I tried a sensory deprivation tank was in Beaver Creek. Just outside of Dayton, a pretty cool area. At the time it was the closet one to me here in WV.

My dad and half my family live in Beavercreek now... That's the 'fancy suburb' you go to when you want to move out of the hood when you are from Dayton! lol

I've been wanting to try out a sensory deprivation chamber for years. Ever since I got into meditation. I was thinking you could get into some interesting mind states while in concentration/absorption in a tank. What did you think of it?

Oooh okay I see. So I’m speaking with a hood rat 😉🤣
Beaver Creek did seem pretty nice.

I loved it! Wish I had room for my own tank actually. I got a massage afterwards too, totally blissful.
The tank would be really great combined with an edible in my opinion.

If you wanna take it even further, a dose of psilocybin would surely be interesting. I’ve never combined that with a tank. Future goals.

The merry-go-round is interesting - I remember these from several playgrounds way back when (70 - 80 or so). Where I lived in Canada they were considered dangerous and taken out. Like, older kids used to spin the little ones until they either got cross-eyed, or else flew off and hurt themselves.
That giraffe belongs in a museum! But yes, similar items are still a playground staple to this day.

I was honestly quite surprised to see the merry-go-round still there. They have removed most of them around the country here as well - at least these hardcore solid steel ones from the 50s-70s. It was a nice nostalgic feeling to see it though.

One thing they did remove was an incredibly dangerous 20 foot high hanging bar jungle gym thing. I wonder how many kids from their bones falling off of those things. The good old days of every kid for himself!