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RE: My Doctors are trying to kill me

in OCDlast year

I don't know if you are already doing this, but 2 things that have massively improved my health are drinking shit tons of water every day and intermittent fasting. Especially if you have kidney issues.

I fill up a Mason jar with water (24 ounces) and drink at least 4 of them per day.... usually more. Intermittent fasting is basically eating only during an 8 hour period, and not eating for 16 hours - every day.

I eat only between 10am and 6pm. This causes your body to go into autophagy during the fasting period. It basically eats all the bad cells and garbage while going into mega healing mode.

These things plus exercise and cutting crap food out have changed my life. My blood was all messed up similar to what you are saying. Now I am down to 214 pounds from 260 and all my levels are normal. Took about 7 months and am still improving.


I have been drinking a lot of water lately. That is something that the military has always ingrained in me. I may have to try the intermittent fasting thing though. I like to eat though, but I don’t really go overboard when I do eat. These meds have really been screwing a lot of things up. I used to be in really good shape, but things went downhill after I started taking all of them.