Little Ricky is 6 Months Old (and 2 weeks)

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Time is seriously flying by!

I can't say that I am not glad that time is flying by considering the shit show that was 2020. And I know that looking back I'll miss these times with my little one. But I am really looking forward to him getting past the incessant screaming stage. This is has been the most difficult 6 months of my life, if I'm being perfectly honest.


I've been desperately sleep deprived, to the point where I am too tired to exercise, or do much of anything. A side effect of this has been dropping back into some bad eating habits. Amanda has been ordering bulk ice cream bars from Costco and we woof them down in a matter of days. I had to put a stop to it and begged her not to order any more. I know that I simply cannot resist!


I waited quite a long time in between having kids. Not really on purpose; it just happened that way. My first son was born when I was 19, and this little guy was born just before I turned 45. I couldn't even begin to express to my 19 year old self just how different it would be having another one at 45. He just would not understand the exhaustion! That dude had never experienced this level of tiredness.

Uh oh... Here come the tears again.

As any parent will tell you, though, there are horrible times that are contrasted with some of the best times. The screaming and crying can make you want to jump off of a building, while their little smile and laugh can make you melt. He has recently developed a new skill of 'talking'. It's actually pretty funny.


Whenever the news is on, he turns to me and screams "Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah."

It is so funny, yet completely accurate. I'm looking forward to him taking is first steps and being able to actually communicate properly with us. He's not even going to know how to act once the pandemic is over with. He's never really been around anyone other than Amanda and I. He's never even seen another child his age. I think that is going to be amazing when he finally does! I bet there are going to be a lot of really socially awkward kids out there in the future who were born in 2019-2020. Time will tell!


Awwww he is adorable! His fluffy arms are so cute, he is a pack of cuteness. I think that he will be very happy and excited to meet new kids. 2020 has indeed been a tough one for everybody, kids included

He is a fluffy one for sure. Lol!

Very cute! They are so much fun when they start being able to interact with you and explore the world around them. I always enjoyed that age with my nieces and nephews. Much better than just sitting and holding them while they do nothing!

Haha, yeah it is pretty boring when they just squirm around or do nothing. I can't wait until he can talk and move around a bit better. He gets really frustrated and cries a lot since he can't get what he wants.

Ah, yeah. I know how hard it is to know the little ones is trying to tell you something but they can't.

So cute


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