First month on the blockchain - A social media junkie’s hive journey

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I want to address some of the things I faced and revered as a new hive user. This might be of some use to brand new users or someone who hasn't joined hive yet (and considering it).

It's been 30 days already. Officially my account is a month old now. In my introductory post, I said I was looking for a platform to write on that won't be muzzling my voice. I was also trying to get away from the traditional social media platforms as they tend to be very distracting. In my search for such a place, I came across a few posts suggesting They said it's immutable and pays as well. A social media site that doesn’t delete your posts and pays you for writing about whatever you like? That has to be too good to be true! Also, a direct google search with the word "hive" doesn’t show on top—it points at something else. This was my first bafflement. Something that's legit and pays would draw immense traffic to it. So sayeth my understanding as a regular internet user.

Then I finally got myself on board with and was given five ugly looking passwords and threatened by the sign-up page, "Don't lose these, I dare you, I double dare you!"
Freaked out, I saved those on two computers, one phone, photographed it, and also printed a copy of it.

Before Hive, I've never been nowhere near to any Blockchain platforms or cryptocurrency. I've never needed it and it has always been a mystery to me. So, the whole thing was a bit overwhelming.

But the most bizarre thing I came across upon joining is that a new user has to have a certain amount of "resource credit" to comment. As a new user, you will run out of it very quickly if you’re a opinionated social fly and won't be able to interact with any post. It is also required to vote and transfer funds. The latter two I understand but limiting new users from commenting is not intuitive or user friendly at all, especially when one can make however many posts they like. It should have been the other way around— limited posts, no cap on commenting. Fortunately, there's a way out of this and I actually never had to go through scarcity of RC. After the introductory post, I discovered I had 50 "Hive Power" in my account, magically appeared. How did I come by it?!—that was my second bafflement and racking my brain around it didn't yield any answer. For then at least.
I found it a week later that another hive user lent me some of her HP. I never have gotten around thanking her properly. So thank you @kaelci. It would be a very crippling experience without your delegation. Some good samaritans like her usually help new users by delegating HP so they can have a bit easier time on the platform.

As for my expectation of the platform, it is generally positive. I haven't come here to be an overnight success story, so no dissatisfaction on that end. Hive can be rewarding if you're naturally going on about your ways and chilling all the while. I used to scroll Facebook hours on end, now I scroll hive and chat on associated discord channels. So much for getting rid of distractions!

The point being— if you're a professional writer, hoping you'd get "paid" for that great piece of yours you’ve been working on the whole day—you'd be disappointed. No one pays you here, you're 'honored', ‘appreciated’, ‘thanked’ for your good work and they are manifested as crypto coins.

Beside money—what I got for myself from hive is the biggest takeaway—content immutability. Well, it’s not entirely immutable but nearly so.
Think of a family vacation. Almost never all the members of a family agree on a single destination. Hive's immutability relies on that disagreement but on a much much broader scale. To change a piece of information, it has to be changed on all the computers across the hive network that are running the system. Something like how torrent works. This is perhaps why you can delete a post right after you post it when it has no votes or comments.

However, just because your posts won’t get deleted that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Hive may be immutable but human beings are not. There is a voluntary police force on hive—ever-watchful, even when you think they’re not watching. You can maintain the social customs and get rewarded (most often) or you can go rogue and get marked. I don’t know what is hivewatcher’s stance on inflammatory posts, conspiracy theories, anti-government protests, etc. yet.

Hmm, gotta get some more answers.

The third time I was baffled seeing that all posts on do appear in other places as well. What you post on appears on hive. If you post something on Leofinance, it will appear on hive in leofinance community.
Hive doesn’t work like other social media sites, it’s like a collection of many systems based upon a single system. Like an octopus where hive is the head and all other sites are its legs. The whole body shares the same nervous system.

There are games you can play and get crypto-coins through them, I’ve started playing one of them. Splinterlands is a turn-based card game and it seems fun and engaging enough.

What hive is missing perhaps is spontaneous interaction. Like any other social media, you have to carve your place in it but more so on hive as it can seem dry and indifferent. The common social rule still applies though—if you care for others, they will in turn care for you. This is true in real life, true in alien planets, and true on hive as well.
However, some of the hive enthusiasts are constantly shifting the balance—by actively engaging with the community, holding contests, and promoting the movement.
@brittandjosie @jamerussell and their Terminal community that helps new users with whatever questions they might have. They are relentless at it.
@jaynie with her Powerhousecreatives and #hiveonthrive movement that promotes general hive interactions and @nathanmars with his twitter-promotions are some of the great examples.

I don’t know how far I’ve advanced with the incentivized side of Hive but I’ve been writing more than I ever did on Facebook on average. Made some friends here. Entered into two contests and won something in both of them.

I don’t know if hive is ever going to be mainstream. Even the tech-savvy ones are not crypto-friendly, speaking from personal experience. As for me, I can see myself active on the platform in the future. I feel like I’m leaving my marks on it, marks that cannot be erased, marks that’ll continue to testify my existence. This might not be important for you, but it is for me.

It IS for me.

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You're welcome! 😊 I would've told you that I had delegated some of my power so you could do more things on Hive, but last time I did I thoroughly confused the recipient, so it's a silent surprise now, haha. Once a month or so I go through the #introduceyourself posts and try to help out a bit... it'll be nice when we get a proper Resource Credit For Newcomers system.

I'm glad that you've found your footing here!! 😄

When I try to explain Hive to other people, I try to explain it as though it's another internet on the internet. On the internet there are games, shops, blogsites, video sharing sites, forums, photo apps, etc... on Hive there are the same things, but all connected via the medium of an online-currency.

It's very layman and partially incorrect, but it is what it is. I'm not crypto-savvy and that's how I see things, and I figure that's how it could be of interest to other people too. It still has a long way to go though.

last time I did I thoroughly confused the recipient

I don't think anyone who never set their feet on such a place like this would comprehend why you would you need "money against it" that can be used to comment and how it get regenerate itself after a time! They'll probably call police on you as it is clear as a day you're trying to scam them!

so it's a silent surprise now, haha. Once a month or so I go through the #introduceyourself posts

I'm one of the luckier ones it seems haha 😅

Your analogy is actually more appropriate I believe. I too have scant knowledge on how it all works and I usually resort to my googled knowledge. Haven't seen any post on hive describing it in layman's terms. Crypto people generally assume (as programmers do) that everyone are as au fait with Blockchain as they are.

I'm really glad you found your way here and that you stuck it out through the first few days.

I'm not sure what can be done to smooth that transition at this point, but people ARE working on it. Delegated RC pools will happen in the not too distant future so that everybody that comes on board can upvote and comment and post right away.

It's really good to be able to get to know you a bit and share literature with you.

Really glad you are here!

The first few days went by figuring out a lot of stuff. I may not be a tech genius but curious at least. 😄

That's some good news. With more people signing up, it would be better for the platform if it incorporates some of the simplicities traditional social media provides.

I'm glad to know you as well! 😊 I've enjoyed exchanging ideas and preference in literature and I'll look forward to see more of those.

, I can see myself active on the platform in the future. I feel like I’m leaving my marks on it, marks that cannot be erased, marks that’ll continue to testify my existence. This might not be important for you, but it is for me.

It IS for me.

Hé you stole my minds words !

You are appreciated for being the engager and always attentive. I found your introduction and we crossed paths ever since i see you in the servers that are DOING IT and I see you have fun.

The contest are up your alley so the future here engraved on the blockchain will be your footprint and diary of life. And I am there with you.

Thank you for the shout out we as terminalers appreciate that

Blog on

Thank you as well for initial welcome I had from you and The Terminal. It is so good of you what you're doing. I actually thought about telling the newcomers on their post to join terminal ( 🤣 ) so they can find a friendly place to satiate their queries and feel welcomed then hesitated thinking whether I'm getting ahead of myself!

I get really pumped up seeing the contests. Will do more of them. 😊

Freaked out, I saved those on two computers, one phone, photographed it, and also printed a copy of it.

Thank you for the good laugh! 😆 I saved mine in LastPass. I also sent the password to my messenger just in case I forget the password of my LastPass which is 25 char.😅

I'm 11 days older than you here in Hive yet you've gained lots of friends, gathered necessary information of this and that. Just wow!

Anyway, congratulations on your first month here in Hive!!!

Thanks a lot!

Seriously, I thought - Good God! This 'keys' business is mind numbing. As if you're opening an account in a foreign bank as a spy!

25! Whoa! My LastPass is shorter but has multiple special characters. I've been using it for a long time as well. But my gut wasn't agreeing with lastpass storing hive credentials. I guess I'm a bit paranoid! 😅

You're doing great yourself. 😊 Hive doesn't have a chatting platform, discord servers are alternatives I guess. You'll find a lot of friendly faces there. Glad that you joined PHC already!

I don't know the process of new users, but mine was I only need the first key given. By using it, I can open the other four credentials.

I joined Steemitbloggers before and now in Hive, they are PHC. Someone remembered me and I couldn't be happier given that I'm not a conversation starter. I only read the chats in discord. I only greet in the mornings and evenings. I can't find my way to join the convo. Most of the time I'm speechless (and reserved) that's why I read blogs and do upvotes. I know I should step up and leave some comments so I can make friends already.

Yes, I already have friends when I was still active in the previous platform. Some are active here but with me being active and coming to a different platform, well, you're the only new-found friend. At least I have one new friend. Hehehe

Yeah, it is a confusing place to begin with. And then you forget how confusing it is and expect new people to just pick it up! Luckily there are some great people around (@theterminal folk and people like @kaelci) who are always ready to help out! Congratulations on the 30 days! :)

Right on! And I can't really blame them. I've experienced that feeling regarding my sector too when I assume something must come naturally to others.

Thanks mate! I will be around. 😊

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Thank you for the shoutout for The Terminal @notacinephile, that is our mission!
You yourself have gotten in some conversations in there and been extremely helpful as well, so hehehe, you should give yourself a high five and a mention as well!!!

I liked the atmosphere of The Terminal and the people who are managing it. Glad to be a part of it. 😊 It's been a pleasure.
Thanks for coming by Mr. Greybeard!

Things that aren't easy are often the most rewarding. I hope you stick around.

Things that aren't easy are often the most rewarding.


Thanks for stopping by. 😊 I will most probably stick around. Taken a fancy to it.

Cool! It's pretty addictive and once you get some interaction going, it's pretty fun, most of the time :<)

Belated welcome to the platform! Glad to see you found it in the end. It can be somewhat challenging to get to grips with it. Well, I still am. Now with all the tribes etc it can be daunting but rewarding if you can wrap your head around it.

There are lots of really great and supportive communities too, just keep your eyes open. You've already found @theterminal, until recently I didn't even know they existed! But they have been good to me and I highly recommend them.

Best of luck in your hive journey!

Thank you! I was fortunate enough, I've found them the very first day I've joined. 😊

I don't often post on the 'tribes' but they are there for good reason. Hope to see all of it thrive.

What hive is missing perhaps is spontaneous interaction

Noted and delegated 100 HP to you unconditionally

Hey, I've seen your post recently and it seems they are developing a messenger like app for hive. It might become a game changer.

Thanks a lot for the delegation.