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RE: C is for: Thoughts on censorship, downvoting and token value

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Never heard of these two accounts before, they sound like they will be blocked on any front end or community that comes along after SMTs etc go live if they continue with that approach though...

I think moderated front ends are a must, give it a name if you want, I just call it "quality control". If the rules to moderate that front end/community is in the best interest of the community/SMT then why would you not have any guidelines or moderation for it?


The moderation is going to be interesting as people seem to expect they will be given every platform for whatever they want to say. What I like in steem is that very different perspectives can happily coexist on the same blockchain.

I think some of the tribes have already started experimenting with types of moderation, some more actively and successfully than others.

Yes I have seen tribe owners rightfully downvoting posts that are irrelevant to their tribe so they can't earn the token but they can still earn other tokens

E.g. Someone used the stem tag on a post that wasn't about the stem community and the owner gave a downvote to stop that person getting tokens but with a low SP account so it would only affect stem token earnings, nothing else.

That's the best model atm but I think it will be a bit more streamlined in future. Could just be that we only need one account and the system automatically detects that you're downvoting through a tribe or community and only removes tokens from there, rather than all.

There's gonna be some tears... There's always tears haha

Marky is active and understands the importance of moderation for STEM, it is good. I think in time more sensitive tools can be created/ applied that will improve the experience for all.