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RE: Hive Forest - Adopt a Tree for Charity

in OCD7 months ago

Wow, thank you for this Pauline and hearing what happened to your mum made me well up a little bit as well. It's a truly horrible disease that currently has no cure and funding is needed to research it.

You've given me a big motivation to keep running and hiking for this challenge! Great idea for the raffle as well and love all the designs and names for the trees! Mr Kipling made me laugh 😄

If anyone wants to sponsor the challenge directly, you can go to the JustGiving Page but the Hive raffle sounds like great fun!


You can tell I don't have a healthy diet

Can I tempt you to adopt Mr Kipling? 😊

Haha, you have curly broccoli in there though - guess that cancels it out!

If Mr Kipling is still available at the end of the month I'll adopt him 😃

Just want to let you know @cadawg has adopted Mr Kipling for you

I just saw the sponsorship on justgiving too. Wow, thanks a lot @cadawg! I'm going to supercharge some runs this weekend now - you guys and girls are the best! 😊

No problem, glad I found out about this! Take good care of Mr Kipling 😂

Haha he's in capable hands for sure! Or should that be exceedingly good hands? 😁

Good one! 😂

Ha ha